Xpoint has secured licenses to operate in 12 additional states and the District of Columbia, expanding its operational footprint across the United States. The move is a pivotal moment for Xpoint, marking a departure from the industry’s reliance on a single geolocation provider.

Xpoint’s CEO, Manu Gambhir, expressed confidence in the continued growth of online gaming in the USA, declaring, “Today’s multi-licensure announcement marks a milestone in our journey and our vote of confidence in the continued growth of online gaming in the USA. Until now, there has only been a single geolocation provider in the industry, creating risk for operators, slowing innovation and keeping costs high due to a lack of competition. These additional licences are a major step forward in allowing the industry to evolve and bring the most advanced geolocation platform to market.”

At the core of Xpoint’s strategy is its geolocation platform, Xpoint Verify. Tailored for iGaming and sports betting, the platform prioritizes regulatory geo-compliance. Xpoint Verify ensures precise geolocation tracking and fraud prevention and offers valuable marketing insights to operators.

In a collaborative effort, Xpoint and fantasy sports operator PrizePicks announced a partnership to integrate geolocation technology into PrizePicks’ platform. This integration serves to combat online gaming fraud by extracting user locations and delivering compliant gaming experiences.

Xpoint’s recent acquisition of a Maryland license in collaboration with Crab Sports, a Maryland-based sportsbook operator, further solidifies its presence. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission awarded Xpoint a sports wagering contractor license in 2023.

The Xpoint Verify solution plays a crucial role in ensuring strict compliance with Maryland’s gaming regulations. By confirming player locations within authorized betting jurisdictions, Xpoint establishes a robust foundation for responsible and legal online gaming. With licenses now covering Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia, Xpoint’s reach is unprecedented. CEO Manu Gambhir’s vision of bringing the most advanced geolocation platform to market is becoming a reality.

The collaboration with PrizePicks on January 22, 2024, signifies Xpoint’s commitment to enhancing the gaming landscape. By integrating geolocation technology, PrizePicks aims to provide users with secure, compliant, and engaging fantasy sports experiences. Nevertheless, Xpoint’s expansion into 12 additional states and the District of Columbia signifies a transformative moment for the online gaming industry. With a commitment to breaking monopolies, embracing innovation, and ensuring regulatory compliance, Xpoint is poised to lead the way in the evolving landscape of online gaming.

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