Wynn Resorts has recently announced an increase in resort fees for its Las Vegas properties, a move that is expected to impact travelers’ budgets. Effective January 24, 2024, the daily resort fee has been raised to $50 plus tax for reservations made on or after that date. This marks an increase from the previous rate of $45 plus tax per day for prior bookings.

Resort fees have become a common practice among Las Vegas establishments, encompassing a range of services and amenities aimed at enhancing guests’ experiences. At Wynn Resorts, these fees provide guests with access to various perks, including in-room Wi-Fi, fitness centers, pools, spa reservations, golf tee times, and digital newsstands. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of Alexa in-room entertainment services and room controls.

The decision to raise resort fees comes amidst a backdrop of fluctuating hotel rates in Las Vegas. Recent data shows that hotel room rates in the city experienced a significant decline of approximately 35% on the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, signaling potential shifts in the hospitality industry. Despite these fluctuations, Wynn Resorts remains committed to maintaining the quality and range of amenities offered to its guests.

While the fee increase may pose a concern for budget-conscious travelers, it is important for visitors to factor in these adjusted resort fees when budgeting for their trips to Las Vegas. As travelers plan their stays, they should be aware of the additional costs associated with resort fees and adjust their budgets accordingly.

In a similar move, MGM Resorts also increased resort fees at its Las Vegas properties in January. Rates have been raised to $50 at Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, MGM Grand, and Cosmopolitan, effective January 16, 2024. These increases amount to $2–3 per day across the board.

Hotel and resort fees, which are sometimes thought of as extra costs, have multiple uses. They support the maintenance of lower official room prices, which improves internet ranks and minimizes commissions. In light of post-pandemic adaptations and heightened rivalry, resorts in Las Vegas are devising tactics to maintain a balance between supply and demand while maintaining profitability. 

In early February, President Joe Biden visited Las Vegas and expressed his intent to eliminate hidden junk fees, including resort fees, that inflate accommodation costs for US citizens. These fees are known to surprise travelers and impact vacation budgets. Biden’s commitment to lowering costs echoes previous promises to crackdown on deceptive pricing and junk fees.

As Las Vegas resorts adjust their pricing structures and travelers navigate the evolving landscape of hospitality, it is essential for visitors to stay informed about changes in resort fees and associated costs. While increases may present challenges for budget-conscious travelers, awareness and planning can help mitigate unexpected expenses and ensure an enjoyable travel experience in Las Vegas.

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