In a strategic move to amplify its presence and broaden its horizons, WorldMatch has unveiled a formidable partnership with EGT Digital, a prominent platform facilitating game distribution among an extensive network of operators. This collaboration is poised to extend WorldMatch’s footprint within the Bulgarian gaming market while setting the stage for potential expansions into diverse gaming landscapes.

This recent alliance follows WorldMatch’s successful venture with Inbet towards the latter part of 2023, reinforcing the company’s commitment to fortify its position in Bulgaria.

The year 2023 witnessed another significant milestone for WorldMatch with its partnership with NetBet Italy, solidifying the company’s aspirations to operate across multiple countries and regions. By embracing EGT Digital’s platform, WorldMatch aims to enhance its distribution capabilities, granting access to a wider audience through an extensive network of operators.

Xhuljana Demerxhiu, Head of Sales at WorldMatch, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This strategic partnership with EGT Digital marks a significant milestone for WorldMatch. Our entry into the Bulgarian market with InBet is just the beginning. We are excited about the potential to expand our presence in Bulgaria and explore additional markets, providing players with a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

Georgi Mihaylov, Deputy CEO of EGT Digital, affirmed: “It is of crucial significance for us to offer fresh and attractive content to the operators using our X-Nave platform, and the games of WorldMatch are exactly what our customers are looking for. I am confident that together we will enrich the gaming experience of the players and deliver a new level of entertainment.”

 WorldMatch’s games align perfectly with their customers’ expectations. Mihaylov expressed confidence in the collaboration, envisioning an enriched gaming experience for players and a new echelon of entertainment.

The partnership between WorldMatch and EGT Digital signals a strategic alliance aimed at not only solidifying market presence but also at enhancing gaming diversity and engagement, promising an elevated experience for players across various gaming platforms.

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