Velvix, a slot game manufacturer, has recently partnered with Max Fair Group (Max Fair), a leading gaming technology firm based in The Philippines and operating across Asia and Latin America. This collaboration is aimed at enabling Max Fair to manage the distribution of Velvix’s range of slot game products within The Philippines. Velvix plans to offer various linked and standalone products, with Max Fair responsible for introducing, distributing, and overseeing these products in The Philippines.

Cyrus San, Velvix’s GM, expressed excitement about the partnership with Max Fair, stating, “We are excited to begin a new partnership with the team at Max Fair. They bring expertise in various Asian gaming markets, including a focus on EGM products. Their relationships with operators and understanding of the market regulations make them an obvious partner for us in The Philippines.”

While the initial focus is on integrated resorts within The Philippines, Velvix has outlined plans for expansion into markets like Vietnam in the near future.

This partnership follows Velvix’s successful collaboration with OddsWorks, which launched six games, including “Forgotten Treasures”, targeting North American markets like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Quebec. Expansion plans include Ontario, Mexico, and Columbia.

Velvix’s entry into the Asian market through Jade Gaming specifically targets The Philippines and Vietnam. Additionally, their games “West Wanted” and “Battle Mania” have debuted at the Chicken Ranch Casino in California, marking further expansion in the gaming industry.

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