Brazilian football powerhouse Corinthians Paulista ushers in a new era with VaideBet, the online operator, inking an unprecedented sponsorship agreement, marking a historic milestone in the annals of Brazilian football.

VaideBet has sealed a monumental deal to become the primary sponsor for Corinthians Paulista, spanning multiple sports categories. The sponsorship encompasses prominent exposure on the shirts of both men’s and women’s football teams, as well as the futsal and basketball teams associated with the revered football club.

The announcement of this collaboration reverberates as the most substantial sponsorship ever witnessed in Brazilian football history, with VaideBet pledging a staggering investment of R$370 million (US$75.8 million) over the next three years. The financial commitment includes R$120 million per season, along with an additional R$10 million as a signing bonus, underscoring the magnitude and significance of this groundbreaking partnership.

Augusto Melo, President of Corinthians, expressed elation at securing this historic sponsorship, stating, “We are very happy to bring the largest sponsorship in the history of Brazilian football to Corinthians, the result of negotiations that began during the campaign. We always emphasise that Corinthians has the biggest brand in South American football and one of the largest in the world.

Melo continued, emphasizing the club’s monumental stature, asserting, “So I insist: no one can think small in this club. Gradually, we will regain credibility, prominence and return Corinthians to Corinthians.”

For VaideBet, this collaboration marks a strategic milestone and an opportunity to align with the rich heritage and passionate fanbase of Corinthians. André Murilo, CFO of VaideBet, emphasized the significance of sponsoring a club with such an illustrious history and dedicated supporters.

Murilo stated, “Sponsoring Corinthians is not just sponsoring one of the main institutions in Brazil but also a club with a beautiful history and a recognized passionate, engaged, and unique fan base. It is a historic milestone for VaideBet, which we planned for months and have now realized.”

He continued, “Being alongside Corinthians and the Fiel is everything we would like for VaideBet’s strategy for the coming years, and we are very happy to have established this relationship. We know that the values are significant and we hope that together we can help Corinthians go even further.”

The agreement between VaideBet and Corinthians Paulista symbolizes an alliance set to elevate both entities to new heights, blending sporting excellence with strategic collaboration, promising an exciting era of success and mutual growth on and off the field.

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