The commercial gaming industry in the United States has witnessed an extraordinary surge in revenue, marking a historic milestone in its financial trajectory. The latest report from the American Gaming Association (AGA) reveals that the industry achieved an unprecedented $66.5 billion in revenue in 2023, signifying its third consecutive year of record-breaking success. 

AGA CEO Bill Miller lauds the remarkable growth, emphasizing the industry’s pivotal role in driving economic prosperity. Miller attributes this phenomenal success to the surging demand for gaming among American adults and underscores the need for collaborative efforts to sustain this momentum while ensuring responsible gambling practices.

The report underscores the evolving landscape of the commercial gaming industry, with online gaming emerging as a significant revenue driver. In 2023, online gaming accounted for 24.7% of total commercial gaming revenue, reaching a new annual high and reflecting shifting consumer preferences towards digital platforms.

Significant revenue growth was observed across various sectors within the gaming industry. Traditional brick-and-mortar casinos experienced a surge in revenue, reaching $49.4 billion, with the majority of markets achieving record annual revenue. The sports betting sector witnessed remarkable expansion, propelled by increased market maturity and entry into new territories like Massachusetts and Ohio. Additionally, iGaming saw substantial growth, with online casino revenue jumping by 22.9% to $6.2 billion in states with fully legalized online gaming.

The report highlights the geographic distribution of gaming revenue, with key markets such as the Las Vegas Strip, New Jersey, the Chicago metropolitan area, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast leading in revenue generation. These markets showcase the industry’s widespread impact and economic contribution across diverse regions.

The commercial gaming industry’s contributions to state and local governments reached unprecedented levels in 2023, with operators paying an estimated $14.4 billion in direct gaming revenue taxes—an increase of 9.7% compared to the previous year. This influx of revenue plays a crucial role in funding critical public services, infrastructure projects, and education programs nationwide.

As the US commercial gaming industry continues to thrive, it solidifies its position as a key economic driver, creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and providing vital funding for communities across the country. The AGA’s report underscores the industry’s resilience and adaptability in navigating evolving consumer trends and regulatory landscapes, positioning it for continued success in the years to come.

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