The lottery industry titan Allwyn has unveiled a strategic collaboration with the renowned digital gaming supplier, Instant Win Gaming (IWG). This partnership is set to reshape the landscape of e-instant and instant win games, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the gaming sector.

Allwyn’s decision to team up with IWG demonstrates a commitment to innovation and a proactive approach to strengthening its foothold in the instant win games sector. The partnership extends beyond a mere business venture, as Allwyn aligns with IWG’s co-founders, Rhydian Fisher and Simon Bucknall, to explore novel avenues in the dynamic world of online gaming.

This strategic collaboration positions Allwyn to enhance its content offering, elevating an already robust portfolio to new heights. The infusion of IWG’s expertise promises an exciting array of possibilities for both companies, paving the way for groundbreaking developments in the instant win games domain.

In a move to solidify this partnership, Allwyn has opted to invest in IWG, acquiring a substantial 70% stake in the digital gaming powerhouse. Notably, Allwyn intends to finance this venture using its existing financial resources, showcasing a strong belief in the potential returns and synergies that this collaboration will unlock.

The investment is slated to conclude in the second half of 2024 pending the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. Allwyn emphasizes that this strategic move will not lead to any changes in IWG’s existing team structure, ensuring continuity in leadership with Rhydian Fisher and Simon Bucknall retaining their roles as CEO and COO, respectively.

IWG’s impact in the gaming industry cannot be overstated. The company stands as a key player, supplying over 25 national and state lotteries with cutting-edge instant win games. Particularly noteworthy is IWG’s strong presence in the pivotal North American market, solidifying its standing as an industry leader.

Boasting an impressive portfolio of games across diverse categories, IWG’s commitment to innovation is underscored by its reported EBITDA of £18.2 million as of April 30, 2023. This financial prowess positions IWG as not just a supplier but a force to be reckoned with in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital gaming.

Allwyn’s Chief Investment Officer, Stepan Dlouhy, expressed optimism about the deal, emphasizing its potential to “create and leverage high-quality content throughout the group.” This strategic move aligns with Allwyn’s overarching ambition to deliver a best-in-class experience to its global player base.

Dlouhy further commended the expertise of IWG’s co-founders, Fisher and Bucknall, acknowledging their wealth of sector knowledge and creativity. This sentiment was echoed by Rhydian Fisher, IWG’s CEO, who expressed excitement about partnering with Allwyn. Fisher anticipates that the collaboration will not only amplify IWG’s success but also generate substantial value for the supplier’s partners.

In the words of Stepan Dlouhy, “Allwyn’s deep expertise and knowledge of the lottery consumer will help us to deliver immediate and significant value for our existing partners.” This sentiment reflects the synergy envisioned in this collaboration, where the strengths of both entities converge to create a value proposition that transcends the ordinary.

Rhydian Fisher, IWG’s CEO, echoes this sentiment, stating that Allwyn’s involvement will not only deliver immediate benefits to existing partners but also open doors to new opportunities. The partnership is poised to be a catalyst for the development of innovative games, solidifying both Allwyn and IWG’s positions as trailblazers in the gaming industry.

The collaboration between Allwyn and IWG signifies a transformative moment in the gaming industry. As two powerhouses unite, the synergies generated are poised to reshape the landscape of instant win games. Allwyn’s strategic investment, coupled with IWG’s innovative prowess, sets the stage for a future where unparalleled gaming experiences and industry leadership converge.

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