The Spillemyndigheden continues its relentless pursuit of safeguarding Danish players from illegal gambling activities. In its latest move, the Authority has successfully blocked access to an additional 83 unauthorized gambling websites, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of the country’s gambling industry.

The recent ruling by the court in Næstved reaffirms the Spillemyndigheden’s authority to intervene against illegal gambling operations. The court’s decision to block all 83 identified websites underscores the seriousness with which such infractions are treated in Denmark.

Anders Dorph, Director of the Spillemyndigheden, emphasizes the Authority’s intensified efforts to combat illegal gambling activities. By doubling the frequency of website blocks to twice a year, Spillemyndigheden aims to minimize the exposure of Danish players to unauthorized gambling services.

Dorph highlights the vulnerability of children and young people to the allure of illegal gambling websites. Many of these sites employ lax age verification measures and offer games specifically designed to appeal to younger demographics, such as skin betting.

In response to the threat posed by illegal gambling activities, the Spillemyndigheden has launched educational campaigns to raise awareness among under-18s. Initiatives like “The One-Armed Bandit” aim to educate young individuals about the risks associated with gambling and empower them to make informed decisions.

Out of the 83 blocked websites, eight were identified as skin betting platforms, where users can wager money on the chance to win in-game cosmetics. The Spillemyndigheden’s swift action against such sites reflects its commitment to protecting Danish youth from harmful gambling practices.

Before resorting to legal measures, Spillemyndigheden adopts a proactive approach by engaging with operators to address compliance issues. The authority provides operators with opportunities to rectify violations, demonstrating its commitment to fair and transparent enforcement.

Only when efforts to resolve compliance issues prove unsuccessful does the Spillemyndigheden resort to legal action. By adhering to due process and exhausting all avenues for resolution, the Authority ensures that legal interventions are a last resort in its enforcement efforts.

The Spillemyndigheden’s proactive stance against illegal gambling websites underscores its dedication to upholding the integrity of Denmark’s gambling industry. Through targeted enforcement actions, educational initiatives, and collaborative engagement with operators, the Authority remains steadfast in its mission to protect Danish players from the harms of unauthorized gambling activities.

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