The Commercial Gambling Management of Cambodia (CGMC) has taken decisive action against illegal gambling activities with the issuance of a new directive, signaling a commitment to upholding regulatory integrity and public order.

Signed on February 19 by Aun Pornmoniroth, Head of the CGMC and the Minister of Economy and Finance, the directive underscores the government’s dedication to combating illegal gambling practices within the country.

The directive comes in the wake of a call from Hun Manet, the Cambodian Prime Minister, for stricter measures to be imposed on illegal gambling operations, particularly targeting lotteries. This proactive stance by the government underscores its determination to safeguard public welfare and maintain social stability.

A key provision of the directive mandates licensed operators to strictly adhere to the terms stipulated in their licenses and prominently display them at their premises at all times. This measure aims to enhance transparency and accountability within the gambling industry.

Furthermore, the directive emphasizes collaborative efforts between local authorities and the CGMC to conduct regular inspections of gambling establishments. These inspections serve to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and mitigate the proliferation of illegal gambling activities.

The directive unequivocally asserts that illegal gambling, including activities such as keno and lotteries, poses a significant threat to public order, social security, and community livelihoods. By enforcing strict adherence to the law, the government seeks to preserve the well-being of its citizens and uphold social ethics.

To deter individuals from engaging in illegal gambling practices, the directive stipulates severe penalties for violators. In accordance with the Gambling Suppression Law, offenders may face fines ranging from KHR5-20 million ($1,225 to $5,000), coupled with imprisonment for up to five years.

The directive mandates relevant authorities to collaborate closely in managing, monitoring, and promptly reporting any instances of illegal gambling activities. Swift legal action will be taken against offenders to ensure the effective enforcement of the law.

In conclusion, the issuance of the new directive by the CGMC underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to combating illegal gambling and maintaining law and order within Cambodia. Through collaborative enforcement efforts and stringent penalties for violations, the government aims to protect the interests of its citizens and uphold the integrity of the gambling industry.

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