Sportingtech has announced an exciting partnership with RubyPlay, a renowned developer of innovative slot games. This collaboration will enable RubyPlay to integrate its extensive library of premium slot titles onto Sportingtech’s iGaming platform, offering players a diverse and engaging gaming experience. 

Through this partnership, RubyPlay’s impressive collection of slot games, including popular titles such as Immortal Ways Diamonds, Diamond Explosion 7s, and Mad Hit Marlin Bonanza, will be seamlessly integrated into Sportingtech’s iGaming platform. This integration expands the platform’s content portfolio, providing players with access to a wide range of high-quality and engaging slot experiences.

Robert Nevill, Senior Commercial Manager at Sportingtech, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s commitment to enhancing its content portfolio. He highlighted RubyPlay’s strong reputation in the Latin American (LatAm) market and emphasized the importance of offering a diverse range of titles to operators and players. By integrating RubyPlay’s unique and captivating games, Sportingtech aims to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to its partners and customers.

RubyPlay has established itself as a leading developer in the LatAm market, making it an ideal partner for Sportingtech’s expansion efforts in the region. Eyal Loz, Chief Product Officer at RubyPlay, underscored the significance of partnering with a tier-one provider like Sportingtech to support the company’s ambitious growth plans. By collaborating with Sportingtech, RubyPlay aims to broaden its audience reach and ensure that its content resonates with players across various markets.

RubyPlay joins a prestigious lineup of content providers already integrated into Sportingtech’s platform, including Iron Dog Studio, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Spribe. This partnership further strengthens Sportingtech’s position as a leading iGaming platform provider, offering operators access to a comprehensive suite of premium gaming content. By expanding its content offering, Sportingtech enhances its appeal to operators seeking to deliver top-tier gaming experiences to their customers.

While Sportingtech solidifies its partnership with RubyPlay, the latter has also expanded its presence in European markets through collaborations with industry giants like Pokerstars. This strategic move demonstrates RubyPlay’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and reaching a wider audience of players. By partnering with established brands like Pokerstars and Sportingtech, RubyPlay ensures that its content reaches players in key markets worldwide.

The partnership between Sportingtech and RubyPlay marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, bringing together two leading players to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players around the world. With RubyPlay’s diverse portfolio of slot games seamlessly integrated into Sportingtech’s platform, players can look forward to a captivating and immersive gaming experience. As both companies continue to expand their reach and enhance their offerings, players and operators alike can expect innovative and engaging content that sets new standards in the iGaming landscape.

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