The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate, Spelinspektionen, has initiated a significant campaign titled “With Your Future as a Bet”. This campaign is strategically targeted at young adults aged 18-25, aiming to address and mitigate the negative consequences of gambling. With a comprehensive approach, Spelinspektionen seeks to foster awareness about unhealthy and risky gambling behaviors and provide resources for help.

A Focus on Young Adults

Campaign Objectives

The primary goal of the “With Your Future as a Bet” campaign is to educate young adults on the potential risks associated with gambling for money. This age group, spanning from 18 to 25 years old, is particularly vulnerable to developing gambling-related issues due to their increased exposure to gambling through computer games and apps.

Digital Outreach

Understanding the digital habits of the target demographic, Spelinspektionen has ensured that the campaign will be highly visible across various digital channels. By leveraging platforms that young adults frequently use, the campaign aims to maximize its reach and effectiveness. This strategic placement is designed to engage the audience in an environment where they are most active and receptive.

Collaborative Efforts for Greater Impact

Partnerships with Key Agencies

To enhance the impact of the campaign, Spelinspektionen is collaborating with the Public Health Agency and the Swedish Crown Prosecutor. These partnerships are crucial in providing a well-rounded approach to combating the negative effects of gambling. The combined expertise and resources of these organizations aim to deliver a comprehensive and effective campaign.

Emotional and Informative Messaging

Yvonne Hejdenberg, Spelinspektionen’s Head of Communications, emphasized the importance of addressing gambling issues in an emotional and relatable manner. By doing so, the campaign not only resonates with the young adult audience but also with their parents and relatives. This dual approach ensures that the message reaches a broader audience, fostering a supportive environment for young individuals who might be struggling with gambling issues.

Resource Availability

Information and Help Resources

A dedicated page on the Spelinspektionen website offers extensive information about young people’s gambling behaviors and the potential risks involved. This resource hub provides guidance on where to find help, ensuring that individuals seeking support can access it easily and confidentially.

Visibility and Accessibility

Ensuring that the campaign’s resources are easily accessible is a key component of its strategy. By making information readily available on digital platforms, Spelinspektionen aims to reduce the barriers to seeking help and increase awareness about the risks associated with gambling.

Addressing Industry Integrity

Recent Measures by Spelinspektionen

In addition to the “With Your Future as a Bet” campaign, Spelinspektionen has recently introduced new measures aimed at strengthening the integrity of the gambling industry. These initiatives focus on tackling match-fixing and illegal operations, thereby promoting a safer and more transparent gambling environment.

Combatting Match-Fixing and Illegal Operations

The two new projects launched by Spelinspektionen are part of a broader effort to ensure fairness and legality within the gambling sector. By addressing these critical issues, Spelinspektionen continues to uphold its commitment to maintaining high standards of integrity and trust in the industry.

The Importance of Responsible Gambling

Promoting Healthy Gambling Habits

The campaign is a testament to Spelinspektionen’s dedication to promoting responsible gambling. By highlighting the potential consequences of unhealthy gambling behaviors, the campaign encourages young adults to make informed and responsible decisions.

Support Systems and Preventive Measures

Spelinspektionen’s campaign not only raises awareness but also provides practical support systems for those affected by gambling. By offering preventive measures and resources, the campaign aims to reduce the incidence of gambling-related issues among young adults.


The “With Your Future as a Bet” campaign by Spelinspektionen represents a comprehensive and proactive approach to addressing the risks of gambling among young adults. Through strategic digital outreach, collaborative efforts, and a focus on emotional and informative messaging, the campaign aims to make a significant impact. By promoting responsible gambling and ensuring the availability of support resources, Spelinspektionen continues to uphold its commitment to the well-being of the community.

FAQs about Spelinspektionen’s “With Your Future as a Bet” Campaign

1. What is the “With Your Future as a Bet” campaign?

The “With Your Future as a Bet” campaign is an initiative launched by Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate, aimed at young adults aged 18-25. The campaign focuses on addressing the negative consequences of gambling and promoting responsible gambling habits.

2. Who is the target audience for the campaign?

The campaign primarily targets young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, who are particularly vulnerable to developing gambling-related issues. It also aims to reach parents and relatives of young adults to raise broader awareness about the risks of gambling.

3. How does the campaign aim to reach young adults?

The campaign utilizes various digital channels frequently used by young adults to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. By leveraging these platforms, Spelinspektionen aims to effectively communicate its message to the target audience.

4. Who is collaborating with Spelinspektionen on this campaign?

Spelinspektionen is working in collaboration with the Public Health Agency and the Swedish Crown Prosecutor to enhance the campaign’s impact. These partnerships help provide a comprehensive approach to addressing the negative effects of gambling.

5. What kind of information is available through the campaign?

The campaign offers a dedicated page on the Spelinspektionen website that provides detailed information about young people’s gambling behaviors, the associated risks, and resources for finding help. This information is designed to educate and support individuals affected by gambling.

6. What recent measures has Spelinspektionen introduced to ensure industry integrity?

In addition to the campaign, Spelinspektionen has introduced new measures to combat match-fixing and illegal operations within the gambling industry. These initiatives aim to strengthen the integrity and transparency of the sector.

7. How does the campaign address responsible gambling?

The campaign promotes responsible gambling by highlighting the potential consequences of unhealthy gambling behaviors and encouraging young adults to make informed decisions. It also provides resources and support systems to help individuals maintain healthy gambling habits.

8. What are the key messages of the campaign?

The key messages of the campaign focus on the emotional and practical consequences of gambling, aiming to raise awareness about the risks and encourage responsible gambling practices. The campaign also seeks to engage parents and relatives in supporting young adults.

9. How can young adults find help through the campaign?

Young adults can find help through the dedicated page on the Spelinspektionen website, which offers information about gambling risks and resources for seeking support. The campaign ensures that these resources are easily accessible and visible on digital platforms.

10. Why is the campaign important for the community?

The campaign is important for the community because it addresses a critical issue affecting young adults and promotes responsible gambling practices. By raising awareness and providing support, the campaign aims to reduce the negative consequences of gambling and foster a healthier community.

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