SIS (Sports Information Services), renowned for its 24/7 live betting services, has inked a significant agreement with Playtech which is a major provider of online and retail sports betting platforms. The partnership aims to introduce SIS’s esports betting product across Playtech’s extensive gaming offerings and further solidifying their existing collaboration.

Building on their successful partnership in delivering racing and numbers products, the expanded deal will grant Playtech access to SIS’s comprehensive competitive gaming content library. This collection encompasses a staggering 150,000 annual events spanning eBasketball and eSoccer contests, enriching Playtech’s portfolio with a diversified range of content.

SIS’s in-house-developed gaming solution promises a holistic experience for players and bettors alike. It boasts live commentary, on-screen graphics, and betting prompts, ensuring an immersive environment for each contest and enhancing the overall engagement.

This strategic move aligns with SIS’s broader objective to fortify alliances with leading platforms and expand its array of offerings. The decision follows a series of integrations throughout 2023, including successful collaborations with prominent entities like Bet365 and Altenar.

Andy Kelly, Head of Commercial Partnerships at SIS, expressed his satisfaction with the extended collaboration, stating, “SIS and Playtech have a longstanding and successful relationship through our racing and numbers products. We are pleased to strengthen this relationship further with the inclusion of SIS Competitive Gaming.”

He added, “Playtech customers will now have access to our offering of highly competitive eSoccer and eBasketball contests offering high margins and unbeatable integrity. The product will be launched both online and via Playtech SSBTs to include full data and streaming.”

The expansion of the SIS-Playtech collaboration into the realm of esports betting is poised to create an excellent gaming experience for Playtech’s clientele, elevating the standards of engagement and diversifying the gaming content available across their platforms.

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