In a significant leadership transition, GAN has appointed Seamus McGill as its new CEO. McGill’s appointment follows his tenure as interim CEO and his service on the company’s Board of Directors. The decision comes as GAN prepares to finalize its acquisition of Sega Sammy Creation, signaling a strategic shift in the company’s leadership landscape.

The appointment of Seamus McGill as CEO comes on the heels of Dermot Smurfit’s resignation in late September 2023. Smurfit, who had led GAN for over two decades, made the decision to step down, paving the way for McGill to assume the interim CEO role. Despite his resignation, Smurfit remained a significant stockholder in the company, ensuring continuity during the leadership transition.

David Goldberg, GAN Chairman, expressed full confidence in McGill’s leadership abilities, emphasizing his extensive experience and deep understanding of the company’s products, customers, and strategic direction. Goldberg lauded McGill’s contributions to GAN since 2014 and highlighted his instrumental role in driving the company’s growth and success.

Upon his appointment as CEO, Seamus McGill expressed gratitude for the opportunity and reaffirmed GAN’s commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders. McGill outlined his priorities, emphasizing the importance of completing the merger with Sega Sammy Creation in a timely manner to maximize value for all parties involved.

To streamline operations and focus on closing the merger with Sega Sammy Creation, McGill made the strategic decision to step down from his role as Chairman of the Board at the end of December. This move underscores McGill’s dedication to ensuring a smooth transition and his unwavering focus on advancing GAN’s strategic objectives.

As McGill assumes the CEO role, he remains committed to driving GAN’s growth and expanding its market presence. With a keen focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and value creation, McGill aims to position GAN as a leader in the rapidly evolving gaming industry landscape.

Seamus McGill’s appointment as CEO marks a pivotal moment in GAN’s journey, signaling a new chapter of growth and innovation under his leadership. With a clear vision and unwavering commitment to success, McGill is poised to lead GAN to new heights of achievement and excellence.

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