The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has once again demonstrated its commitment to safeguarding Australian consumers from the risks associated with unlicensed gambling websites. In its latest crackdown, the ACMA has taken action against twelve unlicensed gambling websites, blocking their access to Australian consumers. This proactive measure aims to protect consumers from the potential harms posed by illegal gambling services.

The list of websites targeted by the ACMA includes prominent names such as Playzilla, Wazamba, Zet Casino, Slots Palace, Nomini, Casinia, SG Casino, Fez Bet, Buran Casino, Spin Better, Golden Bet, and These websites were found to be in violation of Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001, which prohibits the provision of certain gambling services to Australian players without proper licensing.

Website blocking is a crucial enforcement tool utilized by the ACMA to combat illegal gambling activities. By blocking access to unlicensed gambling websites, the ACMA aims to protect consumers from exposure to harmful content and fraudulent practices. This proactive approach helps uphold the integrity of the legal gambling market in Australia and mitigates the risks associated with unregulated gambling services.

Since November 2019, when it issued its first blocking request, the ACMA has been relentless in its efforts to combat unlicensed gambling activities. To date, the watchdog has issued blocking requests against a staggering 926 illegal gambling and affiliate websites. Additionally, the ACMA’s actions have prompted over 220 illegal operators to voluntarily withdraw from the Australian gambling market, further strengthening regulatory compliance and consumer protection measures.

The ACMA emphasizes the importance of consumer vigilance in avoiding illicit gambling activities. Unlicensed operators often lack adequate consumer protections, leaving customers vulnerable to financial risks and gambling-related harm. To mitigate these risks, the ACMA encourages consumers to familiarize themselves with its register of licensed gambling operators, ensuring that they engage only with legal and regulated service providers.

In addition to combating unlicensed gambling websites, the ACMA also enforces regulations related to in-play betting on sports matches. Australia prohibits in-play betting, except for limited exceptions. Recently, the ACMA addressed violations of in-play betting rules by prominent gambling entities such as Entain, bet365, and Sportsbet. While sanctions were not imposed due to the operators’ prompt compliance, the ACMA remains vigilant in upholding regulatory standards and protecting consumers’ interests.

The ACMA’s recent actions against unlicensed gambling websites underscore its unwavering commitment to protecting Australian consumers and upholding regulatory integrity in the gambling industry. Through proactive enforcement measures and consumer awareness initiatives, the ACMA aims to mitigate the risks associated with illegal gambling activities and foster a safe and responsible gambling environment for all Australians.

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