RubyPlay, the innovative game development studio, has crafted a tailor-made Immortal Ways game title exclusively for its esteemed operator partner, LottoStar, operating in the vibrant South African market.

The newly introduced game showcases prominent branding elements from LottoStar, aimed at setting it apart from other releases and enhancing its appeal among the existing customer base. The gameplay itself is designed to offer players an expansive range of winning possibilities, providing 10,000 ways to win through two Immortal Arrays strategically placed across the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels.

Adding to the excitement, the game incorporates two bonus wheels flanking each side of the grid. Players have the chance to unlock additional cash prizes, multipliers, or one of four enticing jackpot prizes if the Coin Wheel symbol makes its appearance during gameplay.

RubyPlay first ventured into the South African market with LottoStar in June 2023, marking a successful collaboration that has seen the release of 53 games go live since the initial partnership. Immortal Ways LottoStar stands out as RubyPlay’s inaugural bespoke game tailored specifically for the South African market.

Dr. Eyal Loz, Chief Product Officer at RubyPlay, conveyed an eagerness regarding this collaborative venture, stating, “We’ve seen outstanding success in terms of player engagement in South Africa with LottoStar, so we’re thrilled to be recognising that in the form of Immortal Ways LottoStar, a bespoke game exclusively for the operator. Our Immortal Ways series has been embraced by players across the globe, with several bespoke versions within the franchise, and we’re excited to keep that momentum going throughout the year. We’re confident that LottoStar’s player base will love this dynamic, multi-faceted title.”

This announcement follows a successful 2023 for RubyPlay, marked by strategic expansions, including obtaining a Romanian license in April and forming a partnership with PokerStars to bolster its presence in the Italian market. The unveiling of Immortal Ways LottoStar further underscores RubyPlay’s commitment to innovation and market-specific gaming experiences.

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