Malta-based powerhouse Rhino Entertainment Group has emerged as the first operator to secure a direct license from the esteemed Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB). This historic achievement showcases Rhino’s commitment to excellence and responsible gambling, positioning them as trailblazers in the evolving regulatory landscape.

Amidst the dynamic world of online gaming, Rhino Entertainment Group has set a new standard by obtaining a direct license from the CGCB for its CasinoDays brand. This marks a pivotal moment for the Caribbean island’s regulatory regime and underlines Rhino’s dedication to compliance and industry leadership.

Rhino Entertainment Group’s stellar reputation in the gaming industry is further solidified by this noteworthy accomplishment. Notably, the operator received the prestigious Employer of the Year title at the iGaming Idol Awards in Malta on November 30, 2023. This recent success adds another feather to Rhino’s cap, emphasizing their commitment to fostering a culture of excellence.

The CGCB’s application portal, inaugurated in September, has witnessed Rhino Entertainment Group as the first operator to navigate the licensing process successfully. Notably, the opportunity for operators to register commenced in November, indicating a swift and decisive move by Rhino to secure this coveted license.

The timing of Rhino’s certification coincides with Curacao’s strategic shift in its regulatory framework. The island is in the process of implementing a new National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), signaling a departure from the conventional Master/Sub-License structure. This aligns with Rhino Entertainment Group’s forward-thinking approach and adaptability to industry changes.

Ross Parkhill, CEO of Rhino Entertainment Group, expressed the company’s privilege of being the first gaming operator to secure a direct license. Parkhill described it as “a thrilling endorsement” of their unwavering commitment to responsible gambling and industry-leading practices. He affirmed Rhino’s support for Curacao’s enhanced regulatory processes, recognizing the added value and prestige associated with their direct license.

Furthermore, Parkhill emphasized Rhino’s commitment to fostering an open and communicative relationship with the CGCB. The CEO envisions a future where collaboration between Rhino Entertainment Group and the regulatory body contributes to a bright and compliant era for the online gaming industry.

According to Cedric Pietersz, Managing Director of the CGCB, 2024 is poised to be a transformative period for Curacao. Operators have displayed a strong desire to secure new licenses, evident in the surge of applications received since the gaming industry supervisor began accepting them three months ago.

Pietersz highlighted the significance of Rhino Entertainment Group’s licensure, stating that it holds a special place in both Curacao’s history and its journey towards becoming a premium gambling jurisdiction. This achievement marks a crucial milestone, with numerous upcoming licenses anticipated on the horizon.

In a move to further enhance transparency and trust in the industry, the CGCB issued three digital seals for Geeka Corporation NV, Games & More BV, and Small House BV. These seals signify regulatory approval, allowing the recipients to showcase them on their platforms after agreeing to the regulator’s terms. This initiative reflects Curacao’s commitment to fostering a secure and trustworthy gaming environment.

While celebrating these milestones, it’s crucial to note that in January, Curacao’s Independent Advisory Body raised concerns regarding the text of the LOK and its alignment with the Financial Action Task Force’s anti-money laundering requirements. This underscores the ongoing commitment to regulatory diligence and the challenges inherent in evolving gaming frameworks.

Rhino Entertainment Group’s historic achievement in securing a direct license from the CGCB marks a pivotal moment for both the operator and Curacao’s gaming landscape. As we navigate the transformative period of 2024, the industry anticipates further developments, with Rhino Entertainment Group leading the way in innovation, compliance, and responsible gaming.

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