The Malta Gaming Authority has announced the cancellation of the authorization for Rush Gaming, identified by reference number MGA/B2C/701/2019. This decision, effective as of March 11, 2024, is in full compliance with regulations 9(1)(c) and 10(1)(a) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06), commonly referred to as the ‘Regulations.’

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority Revokes Rush Gaming

Implications of the Decision

The cancellation directive issued by the MGA carries significant implications for Rush Gaming, its players, and the regulatory landscape. With the revocation of authorization, Rush Gaming is required to adhere to a series of directives within seven (7) days from the effective date.

Directives to Rush Gaming/Immediate Actions Required

  1. Notification of Cancellation: Rush Gaming is mandated to duly notify all players of the cancellation via electronic mail, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  2. Settlement of Outstanding Fees: Additionally, Rush Gaming must settle all outstanding fees owed to the Malta Gaming Authority promptly. This financial obligation underscores the importance of compliance and financial integrity within the gaming sector.
  3. Removal of References: Rush Gaming must take immediate action to remove any reference to the Malta Gaming Authority and the authorization in accordance with Article 51 of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta). This step ensures alignment with regulatory directives and fosters a transparent gaming environment.

Right to Appeal

While the decision to cancel authorization is final, Rush Gaming retains the right to appeal this ruling in accordance with article 43(1) of the Act. This avenue provides a mechanism for recourse, emphasizing the importance of due process and legal avenues within the regulatory framework.

Continued Scrutiny

This announcement follows the MGA’s earlier suspension of Rush Gaming’s authorization in January, necessitating refunds for all players in adherence to Maltese law. Despite being unable to conduct gaming operations, Rush Gaming was obligated to facilitate the refund process, underscoring the regulatory oversight and consumer protection mechanisms in place.

Leadership Transition at Malta Gaming Authority

Amidst these developments, Charles Mizzi assumed the role of MGA CEO in late January, ushering in a period of transition and leadership change within the regulatory body. Mizzi’s appointment signals a commitment to upholding regulatory integrity and transparency amidst evolving industry dynamics.

The MGA Decision

The Malta Gaming Authority’s resolute action in revoking Rush Gaming’s authorization underscores its unwavering dedication to maintaining regulatory integrity and fostering transparency in the gaming sector. As Rush Gaming grapples with the ramifications of this pivotal decision, stakeholders are vividly reminded of the paramount significance of adhering to stringent compliance measures, upholding unwavering integrity, and prioritizing consumer protection within the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry.

FAQs- Your Guide towards MGA Cancellation of Rush Gaming Authorization

1. What prompted the cancellation of Rush Gaming’s authorization?

The cancellation was initiated in accordance with regulations 9(1)(c) and 10(1)(a) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations.

2. What actions must Rush Gaming take following the cancellation?

Rush Gaming is required to notify affected players, settle outstanding fees, and remove references to the MGA within seven days.

3. Does Rush Gaming have any recourse following the cancellation?

Yes, Rush Gaming retains the right to appeal the decision under Article 43(1) of the Act.

4. How does this decision impact Rush Gaming’s operations?

The cancellation prohibits Rush Gaming from conducting gaming operations, necessitating compliance with regulatory directives.

5. Who assumed the role of MGA CEO amidst these developments?

Charles Mizzi took on the role of MGA CEO in late January, overseeing the regulatory landscape.

6. What obligations did Rush Gaming have following the suspension of its authorization in January?

Rush Gaming was required to refund all players in accordance with Maltese law and facilitate the refund process while being unable to conduct gaming operations.


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