Raw iGaming has made its debut in Ontario through a strategic partnership with BetMGM, ushering in a new era of online gaming. The collaboration introduces patent-pending mechanics and innovative game engines, enhancing player experiences on BetMGM’s platform.

Raw iGaming’s debut brings forth patent-pending mechanics that redefine online gaming. Players on BetMGM in Ontario can now experience the thrill of SuperSlice, Supertracks, and SuperSymbols™, setting the stage for a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Adding to the excitement, Raw iGaming introduces cutting-edge game engines. Dynamic Ways™ and SuperStretch™ provide a unique and immersive gaming experience, pushing the boundaries of traditional online casino offerings.

BetMGM, known for its extensive library of over 3,600 titles and exclusive jackpot network, is committed to elevating player experiences. The partnership with Raw iGaming allows BetMGM players in Ontario to access a range of innovative mechanics, setting the platform apart in the competitive online gaming landscape.

Raw iGaming introduces Clusterspins, a revolutionary concept that brings a hedge bet element to the gameplay. Bonus Rush enables direct-to-bonus play, enhancing the pace and excitement of each gaming session. VIBETM utilizes artificial intelligence to improve in-game characters’ autonomy, creating a dynamic and personalized experience for players.

Tom Wood, CEO at Raw iGaming, expresses gratitude to BetMGM for supporting their innovations, saying, “This deal proves that paying attention to what players want really helps a market entry. We know that the more attractive our content is, the better we are and we’re excited to see the results. Our thanks to BetMGM for supporting us and our innovations.”

Oliver Bartlett, VP of Gaming Product & Content at BetMGM, echoed the statement, commenting, “BetMGM welcomes Raw iGaming to Ontario and expects its entertaining titles to be a great compliment to our award-winning online casino.”

This statement follows BetMGM’s strategic move in January 2024, when the business collaborated with Charlotte Motor Speedway to offer its online sports betting platform to North Carolina, subject to regulatory approval. The move aligns with BetMGM’s vision to expand its online sports betting platform to new territories, contributing to economic growth and job creation. The collaboration between BetMGM and Raw iGaming is not only about enhancing the online gaming experience but also contributing to the broader community.

The agreement is expected to generate tax revenues supporting publicly funded colleges and stimulating tourism, job creation and economic impact in the state of North Carolina.

Raw iGaming’s debut with BetMGM in Ontario signifies a pioneering partnership that goes beyond introducing innovative mechanics. It’s about shaping the future of online gaming, providing players with unparalleled experiences and contributing to the growth of the industry. As this collaboration unfolds, players can anticipate a new standard in online casino entertainment.

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