Former Governor Rick Perry has taken a bold stance in advocating for the legalization of sports betting in Texas, throwing his support behind the Sports Betting Alliance (SBA). Texas, the second-largest state in the US, has yet to legalize sports wagering, while neighboring states have already embraced this lucrative trend. Perry’s alignment with the SBA aims to propel Texas into the realm of legal sports betting, addressing both economic and consumer protection concerns.

Despite its size and population, Texas stands as one of the few states in the US that has not legalized sports betting. While neighboring states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico have embraced this trend, Texas remains on the sidelines. The absence of legal sports betting has led to the proliferation of illegal sports betting activities within the state, posing risks to consumers and leaving substantial revenues untapped.

Former Governor Rick Perry has emerged as a vocal advocate for legal sports betting in Texas. Citing the significant presence of underground sports betting, Perry highlights the need to combat illegal activities and protect consumers. Perry estimates that the underground sports betting market in Texas amounts to a staggering $8.7 billion, underscoring the urgency for regulation and consumer protection measures.

In a released video statement, Perry emphasizes the importance of establishing a regulated and consumer-protected online sports betting market in Texas. By legalizing sports betting, Perry argues, Texas can safeguard consumers from risks associated with illegal operators while unlocking significant revenue streams for the state. Perry estimates that legal sports betting could generate annual revenues of up to $556 million for Texas, providing a substantial boost to the state’s economy.

Perry underscores the widespread support for legal sports wagering among Texas’ 11 major professional sports franchises. Aligning with Texans’ current participation in mobile sports betting, legalizing sports betting would not only cater to consumer demand but also foster collaboration between the state and the sports industry. Perry emphasizes that legalizing sports betting would prevent neighboring states from capitalizing on revenue that could otherwise remain within Texas.

Addressing concerns about the integrity of sports, Perry emphasizes the need for stringent regulations to safeguard fair competition. Implementing robust regulatory frameworks, Perry argues, will ensure the integrity of sports while providing Texans with legal avenues for sports wagering. By establishing clear rules and oversight mechanisms, Texas can uphold the integrity of sports competitions while reaping the economic benefits of legalized betting.

As Rick Perry leads the charge for legal sports betting in Texas, the state stands at a pivotal moment in its history. With the potential to unlock significant economic opportunities and protect consumers from illegal activities, legalizing sports betting is a win-win proposition for Texas. By collaborating with industry stakeholders, implementing strong regulations, and seizing the economic potential of sports wagering, Texas can propel itself into the forefront of the legal sports betting landscape.

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