The Prairie Flower Casino located in Carter Lake is gearing up for a substantial expansion, originally slated for a summer 2024 opening but now expected to reach completion in late 2024 or early 2025 due to delays attributed to pandemic-related supply-chain challenges.

James Centers, the spokesperson for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, addressed the delay, stating, “What we’ve seen with supply-chain issues since the pandemic, generally speaking, it’s not terrible to be a few months behind. If winter weather holds like it is right now, we could make up some ground.”

He further added, “They’re using this time before winter really sets in to get that structure in place with the hopes that when we emerge in spring, we can go full steam ahead in terms of completing the expansion.”

The anticipated 60,000-square-foot expansion is set to feature over 600 games, including the addition of a sportsbook as well as upgraded dining and entertainment amenities.

Since its inauguration in 2018, the Prairie Flower Casino has prioritized supporting tribal members and the local community. Contributions exceeding $28 million have been channeled towards tribal services, encompassing expanded healthcare, job training, cultural preservation, and social services.

Moreover, the casino has contributed over $2.3 million to the city of Carter Lake, directing funds towards crucial services such as law enforcement, firefighting, infrastructure development, and overall community enhancements. This expansion signifies the casino’s commitment to bolster its offerings, aiming to solidify its capability to support the tribe and the wider community in the future.

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