Prestigious online poker operator and organizer of land-based poker tournaments, PokerStars, has unveiled its plans for two significant events as part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) in 2024: the APPT Manila Championship and the APPT Manila 2024.


PokerStars in Manila 2024

PokerStars in Okada Manila: The Venue

Features and Amenities

The grand stage for these events will be the renowned Okada Manila in the heart of the Philippines’ capital. Okada Manila boasts a plethora of attractions, including the iconic Dome nightclub, an exclusive beach club, upscale shopping, and a breathtaking dancing water display. Moreover, it offers deluxe accommodations and an array of dining options, making it a top-tier entertainment destination.

Event Dates

Mark your calendars for these remarkable occasions, slated to take place from July 24 to August 5. The APPT Manila Championship will kick off between October 18 and October 27, promising an electrifying atmosphere and intense competition.

Prize Pools for APPT Manila Events

APPT Manila 2024

Prepare for exhilarating gameplay and jaw-dropping prize pools at APPT Manila 2024. Hosted at Okada Manila’s Cove Manila, Asia’s largest indoor beach club, this event guarantees a staggering prize pool of PHP 119 million (over $2.15 million).

APPT Manila Championship

The inaugural APPT Manila Championship will unfold at Okada Manila’s Coral Lounge, offering players a chance to vie for a prize pool of PHP 140 million (approximately $2.52 million). It’s an opportunity for poker enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete for substantial rewards.

Testimonials and Partnerships

Byron Yip’s Statement

Byron Yip, Okada Manila’s President and COO, expressed pride in their collaboration with PokerStars. He emphasized that this partnership underscores Okada Manila’s status as a premier gaming and entertainment hub in Asia, reinforcing Manila’s position as a leading leisure destination.

Cedric Billot’s Praise

Cedric Billot, PokerStars’ Associate Director of Live Events, lauded the captivating venues across Asia and the esteemed organizations that have elevated the APPT circuit. He highlighted the significance of hosting the 2024 APPT Manila at Okada Manila, ensuring a spectacular experience for participants and spectators alike.

Previous APPT Manila Highlights

Record Prize Pool

The 2023 APPT Manila Main Event set a new standard in poker tournaments, boasting a record prize pool of PHP 76.83 million (over $1.38 million). The event witnessed fierce competition among 1,354 participants, showcasing the growing popularity of the APPT series.

2023 Main Event Winners

Yuanning Wu from China emerged victorious in the 2023 Main Event, securing a remarkable payout and achieving a personal career milestone. Christopher Mateo from the Philippines clinched the runner-up position, demonstrating the diverse talent pool and global appeal of APPT tournaments.

PokerStars’ Innovations

PokerStars ushered in the new year with groundbreaking changes to its Rewards Program, bidding farewell to Weekly Poker Challenges. These enhancements aim to enhance player experience and engagement, offering exciting opportunities and rewards for poker enthusiasts worldwide.

FAQs About PokerStars APPT Events at Okada Manila

1. What are the dates for the APPT Manila events in 2024?

The APPT Manila events are scheduled to take place from July 24 to August 5, with the APPT Manila Championship running from October 18 to October 27.

2. Where will the APPT Manila events be held?

Both events will be hosted at Okada Manila, a luxurious casino resort in the capital city of the Philippines.

3. What are the guaranteed prize pools for APPT Manila 2024 and APPT Manila Championship?

APPT Manila 2024 boasts a guaranteed prize pool of PHP 119 million, while the APPT Manila Championship offers a prize pool of PHP 140 million.

4. Who won the 2023 APPT Manila Main Event?

Yuanning Wu of China emerged victorious in the 2023 Main Event, followed by Christopher Mateo from the Philippines as the runner-up.

5. What significant changes did PokerStars make to its Rewards Program in 2024?

PokerStars introduced revolutionary changes to its Rewards Program, bidding farewell to Weekly Poker Challenges to offer players enhanced rewards and incentives.

6. How did Cedric Billot describe the 2024 APPT Manila event?

Cedric Billot praised the 2024 APPT Manila as “one of the largest APPT gatherings ever,” promising a spectacular experience for participants and spectators.

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