Paysafe, a global leader in payment solutions, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of “Pay by Bank” for iGaming. This groundbreaking solution promises to redefine the payment experience for online bettors in the United States, offering a seamless and secure method for funding player accounts.

Paysafe iGaming Payment Solution ‘Pay by Bank’

Unveiling Pay by Bank: A Game-Changer in iGaming Payments

Instant Deposits from Online Bank Accounts

Pay by Bank empowers players to fund their deposits at online sportsbooks directly from their online bank accounts, eliminating the need for intermediary payment methods. This revolutionary approach ensures instant transactions, providing players with immediate access to their funds for uninterrupted gameplay.

Expanding Paysafe’s Gateway: A Comprehensive iGaming Payments Solution

Integrated within Paysafe’s Gateway, Pay by Bank represents a significant expansion of the company’s iGaming payments ecosystem. By seamlessly connecting US operators to a diverse range of traditional and alternative payment methods, Paysafe continues to set the standard for payment innovation in the iGaming industry.

Addressing Market Demand: Catering to Player Preferences

Meeting the Needs of US Players

The launch of Pay by Bank underscores Paysafe’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of US players. With a growing demand for a broader range of payment options, Pay by Bank fills a crucial gap in the market, catering to the preferences of the 27% of bettors who favor direct bank transfers, as revealed by Paysafe research.

Real-Time Funding and One-Click Payments

Pay by Bank offers unparalleled convenience for both first-time users and returning bettors. New users can easily sync their checking or savings accounts and fund their player accounts in real-time, while returning bettors benefit from one-click payments from linked accounts, streamlining the payment process for enhanced user experience.

Ensuring Smooth Withdrawals: Streamlined Payouts to Linked Bank Accounts

Seamless Withdrawal Process

In addition to facilitating deposits, Pay by Bank streamlines the withdrawal process for players, ensuring swift and hassle-free payouts directly to their linked bank accounts. With a single click, players can access their winnings without delay, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.

Indemnified Transactions: Reducing Operator Liability

One of the key advantages of Pay by Bank is its indemnified transactions, which mitigate liability for operators in the event of defaults on player deposits from their bank accounts. This added layer of security provides peace of mind for operators while safeguarding player funds and promoting trust and transparency within the iGaming ecosystem.

Future Outlook: Driving Conversion and Retention for US Operators

Impressive Transactional Speed and Robust Security

Zak Cutler, President of Global Gaming at Paysafe, expresses optimism about the impact of Pay by Bank on US operators and players alike. With its impressive transactional speed and robust security features, Pay by Bank is poised to drive conversion and retention for operators, enhancing the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the US iGaming market.

Growing the Paysafe Gateway: Providing Unparalleled Payment Choices

Through the introduction of Pay by Bank, Paysafe continues to expand its Gateway, offering American operators and their customers unparalleled payment choices through a single integration. This commitment to innovation underscores Paysafe’s dedication to driving positive change and fostering growth within the iGaming industry.

Conclusion: A New Era of Convenience and Security in iGaming Payments

The introduction of Pay by Bank represents a significant milestone in the evolution of iGaming payments in the United States. By combining speed, convenience, and security, Paysafe has once again demonstrated its leadership in payment innovation, setting a new standard for the industry. As US operators embrace this revolutionary solution, players can look forward to a seamless and rewarding gaming experience, underpinned by the trust and reliability of Paysafe.


FAQs About Paysafe’s Pay By Bank

1. What is the significance of Paysafe’s introduction of “Pay by Bank” for iGaming?

Paysafe’s “Pay by Bank” introduces a convenient and secure payment option for online bettors in the United States, allowing instant funding of deposits directly from online bank accounts.

2. How does “Pay by Bank” contribute to expanding Paysafe’s Gateway?

“Pay by Bank” expands Paysafe’s Gateway by integrating with their iGaming payments solution, providing US operators with access to a broader range of traditional and alternative payment methods.

3. What percentage of bettors does Paysafe’s research suggest prefer direct bank transfers?

Paysafe’s research indicates that 27% of bettors prefer transacting via direct bank transfers, highlighting the demand for such payment options in the iGaming industry.

4. What benefits does “Pay by Bank” offer to players?

“Pay by Bank” offers players the convenience of real-time funding from their online bank accounts and one-click payments, enhancing the overall payment experience.

5. How does “Pay by Bank” streamline the withdrawal process for players?

“Pay by Bank” facilitates smooth withdrawals by allowing players to receive payouts directly to their linked bank accounts with just one click, ensuring swift access to their winnings.

6. How does “Pay by Bank” help reduce liability for operators?

Transactions made through “Pay by Bank” are indemnified, reducing liability for operators in the event of defaults on player deposits from their bank accounts, thereby enhancing financial security.

7. What impact does “Pay by Bank” aim to have on US operators and players?

“Pay by Bank” aims to drive conversion and retention for US operators by offering fast transaction speeds and robust security, thereby improving the overall player experience and fostering trust.

8. How does Paysafe plan to continue growing its Gateway with “Pay by Bank”?

Paysafe plans to expand its Gateway by providing American operators and their customers with a wider range of payment choices through a single integration, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and industry growth.

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