The National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded a significant grant of £139,000 ($177,170) to the Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) to support the Marchwell Studios project. The initiative aims to repurpose a local Grade II listed Stables into a new commercial space, fostering a supportive environment for local businesses and individuals facing employment barriers. The funding will contribute to the transformation of the historic Marchwell Stables into an affordable workspace, provide a hub for local businesses and foster a community of makers and creatives in Chichester. 

Clare de Bathe, CCDT Director, expressed gratitude for the support, stating, “We are thrilled to have received the support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. We are going to make the most of this amazing opportunity. We want to save the building and heritage of the Marchwell Stables for future generations. The Studios will not only provide an incredible community of makers and creatives for Chichester but will also be a fascinating place to visit. The development grant is crucial in moving the project forward.”

The £139,000 grant will enable CCDT to hire essential contractors, including a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Lead Architect (including a CDM Coordinator), and a Quantity Surveyor, along with a Mechanical and Engineering Consultant.

Stuart McLeod, The National Lottery Heritage Fund Director of England London & South, commented on the initiative, stating, “We are delighted to give our initial support to transform the former Marchwell Stables for the future. As the UK’s largest funder of heritage, we need to help our historic buildings in adapting and regenerating. This new space will play an integral part in the community, with a place for enterprise, learning and activities.”

The National Lottery Heritage Fund anticipates that CCDT will apply for another full grant at a later date, following the completion of the initial development phase. This grant aligns with the Fund’s commitment to supporting projects that contribute to the regeneration and adaptation of historic buildings. Another recently approved grant by The National Lottery supports The Yard Project at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, slated to transform into a space dedicated to young people.

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