In a groundbreaking move that underscores its commitment to advancing gambling research, the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has officially inaugurated its dedicated Centre for Gambling Research. Helmed by distinguished leaders Sokratis Dinos, Director of Health, and Mari Toomse-Smith, Director of Health and Biomedical Surveys, this initiative solidifies NatCen’s standing as a leader in gambling research.  

The Centre for Gambling Research is set to operate at the crossroads of industry regulators, treatment providers, and public stakeholders. With the expertise of Sokratis Dinos and Mari Toomse-Smith at the helm, NatCen aims to play a pivotal role in informing and shaping gambling policies. This dedicated center represents NatCen’s strategic expansion into the realm of gambling research, building on its established reputation in the field. 

One of the primary objectives of the Centre for Gambling Research is to conduct in-depth investigations into the prevalence of gambling. The research team aims to significantly contribute to the public’s understanding of behaviors and risk profiles associated with gambling harm. NatCen’s foray into this critical area aligns with its history of delivering impactful studies, including the British Gambling Prevalence Survey for the Gambling Commission in 2000.

Sokratis Dinos, the Director of Health at NatCen, expressed the organization’s continuous commitment, saying, “We have been continuously diversifying our policy and methodological expertise into gambling across related behaviours, harms and stigma and we’re pleased to now be launching this new dedicated Centre of Gambling Research.” 

Guy Goodwin, Chief Executive at NatCen, emphasized the collaborative nature of the Centre for Gambling Research, stating, “The launch of the Centre for Gambling Research will bring together NatCen’s collective knowledge and expertise. NatCen has a team of researchers with experience working with mixed-methods expertise in gambling treatment gaps, gambling prevalence, attitudes to gambling and gambling harms and evaluation of gambling interventions.

Goodwin further noted: “Our researchers are also experts with experience of researching stigma in relation to gambling and more across a range of research methods. This is an important policy area that we continue to work to understand better.” 

In launching the Centre for Gambling Research, NatCen takes a significant step forward in its dedication to advancing knowledge and understanding in the realm of gambling. With a rich history of impactful studies and a team of experts poised to explore every facet of gambling, NatCen is positioned to contribute substantially to the evolution of policies that ensure a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

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