Light & Wonder’s recent announcement of integrating its gaming machines and systems solutions into the newly opened Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, South Korea, marks a significant milestone in the realm of gaming and entertainment. 

Nestled in the vibrant city of Incheon, South Korea, Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort stands as a beacon of luxury and entertainment. Boasting a myriad of offerings, including a five-star hotel, a 15,000-seat arena, and a diverse array of culinary and leisure facilities, the resort promises an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking world-class entertainment. 

Mohegan Inspire’s decision to integrate Light & Wonder’s gaming machines and systems solutions underscores its commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to its patrons. Leveraging Light & Wonder’s system-agnostic global platform, L&W Engage, Mohegan Inspire aims to streamline operational and marketing aspects for slots and tables, as well as implement cutting-edge cashless and cardless solutions.

Light & Wonder’s L&W Engage platform empowers Mohegan Inspire to craft personalized customer journeys at every touchpoint, ensuring that visitors receive tailored experiences tailored to their preferences. This capability reflects Mohegan Inspire’s dedication to providing exceptional service and satisfaction to its esteemed guests, irrespective of their location or preferred platform. 

Lucas Cai, Mohegan Inspire’s VP of Gaming, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the resort’s commitment to optimizing customer experiences across various entertainment offerings. Simon Johnson, SVP and Managing Director International at Light & Wonder, echoed Cai’s sentiments, highlighting Light & Wonder’s dedication to enhancing the player experience and supporting its customers’ operations.

In addition to its advanced system solutions, Light & Wonder has supplied Mohegan Inspire with 180 Quartz cabinets, establishing the largest Quartz stadium globally. These cabinets feature over 170 gaming machines, showcasing popular titles such as Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand and Coin Combo. Housed on award-winning cabinets like Kascada Dual Screen and Kascada Portrait, these games promise to captivate visitors with immersive gaming experiences.

Light & Wonder’s collaboration with Mohegan Inspire signifies its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the gaming industry. With a track record of successful partnerships and a dedication to delivering top-notch products and solutions, Light & Wonder continues to set new benchmarks for gaming excellence.

The integration of Light & Wonder’s gaming machines and systems solutions into Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort represents a groundbreaking advancement in the gaming and entertainment landscape. As both companies strive to enhance visitor experiences and drive growth, this partnership heralds a new era of innovation and excitement for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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