Mecca Bingo has introduced ‘Mecca Spingo’ to address the changing fitness preferences of Brits in 2024. This innovative fitness concept combines exercise and bingo, aiming to assist customers in maintaining their New Year’s fitness resolutions by integrating bingo with spinning. In this setup, spin instructors act as bingo callers, leading classes from the saddle of a spin bike. Participants engage in energetic workouts while marking off their bingo cards.

The launch of Spingo by Mecca Bingo is a response to a survey indicating that 43% of the population has committed to fitness resolutions for 2024, with 22% seeking more stimulating workout alternatives. Mecca Bingo acknowledges the necessity of motivating individuals to sustain their objectives and anticipates that this novel initiative will infuse enthusiasm into people’s exercise routines.

Sarah O’Neill, Head of Innovation at Mecca Bingo, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Pace, adrenaline-pumping competition and joy – the worlds of bingo and spin classes have a lot more in common than people may think!”

She added, “That’s why we’re excited about shaking up expected and mundane exercise routines and breathing fresh life into New Year workouts with the development of our Spingo concept! Whether participants are joining for a chance to hit the jackpot prize or an endorphin high, we’re confident Spingo will hit the mark.” 

She expressed enthusiasm for revitalizing customary exercise routines and invigorating New Year workouts through the introduction of the Spingo concept. O’Neill is confident that Spingo, whether appealing for the jackpot prize or the endorphin rush, will resonate with participants seeking an engaging fitness experience.

In response to the survey findings, nearly half (49%) of those with fitness resolutions have shown interest in attending a Spingo class.

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