Throughout the year, Macau has witnessed a substantial rise in annual income, attributed to the impressive comeback of the gambling industry. Macau has published comprehensive monthly statistical data encompassing the entirety of 2023.

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau oversaw the management of the report, which provides a detailed breakdown for each individual month. Closing out the calendar year, December marked a substantial annual upsurge of 433% in gross monthly income, amounting to MOP$18.6 billion.

In contrast, February recorded the smallest annual increase, amounting to 33%, resulting in a gross monthly income of MOP$10.3 billion. The figures soared into triple digits in March and maintained an upward trajectory, reaching MOP$12.7 billion, marking a remarkable 247% increase.

Continuing the trend, April showcased a 450% surge in gross monthly income, reaching MOP$14.7 billion. This period also marked a triple-digit annual accumulated gross income rate of change, reflecting a substantial 141% increase compared to last year’s total by the same point. In May, there was a slight dip to a 366% increase, reflecting a gross income of MOP$15.6 billion.

During the summer months, there was a notable surge in the rate of change. June commenced the bustling tourist season with MOP$15.2 billion, marking an impressive annual change of 514%. In July, the year’s most significant surge occurred, reaching MOP$16.7 billion with an extraordinary rate of change of 4083%. This remarkable increase was undoubtedly fueled by a tourism boom, as reported by the Macau Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), showing a monthly increase of 25% and a staggering annual rise of 28,177%. In this month, out of the total 2,759,544 tourists, 1,910,371 arrived from mainland China.

August witnessed a remarkable annual increase of 686% in gross monthly income, reaching MOP$17.2 billion. September experienced a slight dip but still showcased a positive 404% increase, amounting to MOP$14.9 billion. October stood out with the highest monthly income of the entire year, hitting a 400% increase to MOP$19.5 billion. Lastly, November, the second-to-last month of the year, displayed the most significant increase among the winter months, recording a 435% surge to MOP$16 billion.


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