Light & Wonder has been entrusted with revolutionizing slot floor management at Harry Reid International Airport. This strategic decision aims to enhance the gaming experience across multiple terminals within the airport, setting a new standard for player satisfaction and service excellence.

The selection of Light & Wonder to implement its cutting-edge systems solutions underscores a commitment to elevating casino hospitality and improving customer service. With a focus on innovation and technology, Light & Wonder aims to deliver an unparalleled level of player satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for travelers passing through the airport.

The deployment of Light & Wonder’s systems solutions will involve the replacement of the current slot floor management solution, encompassing over 1,100 slot machines spread across various terminals. This strategic move reflects a concerted effort to modernize and optimize the gaming infrastructure at Harry Reid International Airport, providing travelers with access to the latest gaming technology and amenities. 

In addition to implementing its systems solutions, Light & Wonder will provide managed services to support the IT operations of the Michael J Gaughan Airport Slot Concession. This comprehensive support includes infrastructure management and 24/7 technical assistance, aimed at minimizing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of the gaming facilities.

Jon Wolfe, President of Global Systems and Service at Light & Wonder, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to deliver exceptional solutions that enhance casino hospitality and customer satisfaction. Similarly, Patricia Ross, General Manager of Michael Gaughan’s Airport Slot Concession, praised Light & Wonder for its next-level customer support and commitment to excellence. 

The agreement between Light & Wonder and Harry Reid International Airport marks a significant milestone for the company, as its technology will now be integrated into one of the busiest airports in the United States. This milestone underscores Light & Wonder’s position as a leading provider of gaming solutions and highlights its continued efforts to innovate and expand its market presence.

In addition to its partnership with Harry Reid International Airport, Light & Wonder has announced an exclusivity agreement with Crucible Gaming, a UK-based studio specializing in content design and development services. This collaboration aims to expand Light & Wonder’s content offerings, with Crucible Gaming developing five exclusive titles for the platform. This strategic partnership is part of Light & Wonder’s broader strategy to diversify its gaming content and market presence, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and growth. 

As Light & Wonder continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the gaming industry, its partnership with Harry Reid International Airport and collaboration with Crucible Gaming mark significant milestones in its journey towards redefining the gaming experience. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Light & Wonder is poised to shape the future of gaming and set new standards for quality and service in the industry.

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