The philanthropic occasion took place at Independence Square in Rabat, Gozo, extending over a duration of 12 hours. LeoVegas, the operator, participated in the annual L-Istrina event, organized by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF) and conventionally observed on Boxing Day yearly.

The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing health and enhancing the quality of life for individuals in Malta, irrespective of social class, gender identity, age, ability, health condition, status, or religion.

The MCCFF has undertaken various endeavors, including the establishment of medical assistance units catering to individuals battling cancer, chronic illnesses, and those undergoing treatments for rare diseases.

Moreover, another noteworthy initiative involves wig production, wherein the Foundation collects human hair donations to craft wigs for individuals facing medical conditions resulting in hair loss. LeoVegas, an online gambling entity headquartered in Malta, generously contributed €10,000 ($11,064) toward the L-Istrina charity event.

LeoVegas, on its social media, said: “We encourage everyone in the Maltese community to join us in supporting ‘L-Istrina’ and making a difference in the lives of those in need.“Your contribution, no matter the size, can collectively create a significant impact on the well-being of the community.”

During the 12-hour television event, celebrities, politicians, and volunteers took part, with Maltese President George Vella actively fielding numerous phone calls throughout the night. The 2023 L-Istrina event amassed a total of €5.27 million in donations, marking an uptick from the previous year and reversing the recent trend of declining contributions.

Established in 1995, the MCCFF achieved its highest fundraising record of €7 million in 2018, experiencing a gradual decline in subsequent years. However, this year’s event showcased a 4% rise in annual figures, signaling a positive change from the declining trend. Shifting focus to other Malta-related news, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) published its Interim Performance Report, encompassing the period from January to June 2023.

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