In a move to address critical heart health issues within the cycling community, Kindred’s flagship Unibet brand has launched the “Follow Your Heart” campaign. This innovative initiative, in partnership with the renowned Dutch cycling team Tour de Tietema (TDT), aims to raise awareness and provide life-saving skills to cyclists and sports fans alike. 

The “Follow Your Heart” campaign represents a significant collaboration between Unibet and TDT to tackle the growing concern over heart-related health issues among cyclists. Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, Unibet and TDT have joined forces to develop an online learning tool and an interactive augmented reality experience. 

As part of the campaign, Unibet and TDT have developed an online learning tool with the goal of providing cyclists and sports enthusiasts with vital life-saving skills. This innovative resource guides users through an eight-step process to perform resuscitation, empowering them to act decisively in critical situations.

Complementing the online learning tool is a free and interactive augmented reality experience. This immersive digital experience features TDT’s owners—Bas Tietema, Devin van der Wiel, and Josse Wes—who provide guidance through the resuscitation process. Through cutting-edge technology, users can engage with digital representations of TDT’s owners and learn life-saving techniques in a captivating and interactive manner. 

The overarching goal of the “Follow Your Heart” campaign is not only to raise awareness of heart health issues within the cycling community but also to increase survival rates by educating individuals on life-saving techniques. By leveraging the reach and influence of TDT members, the initiative aims to inspire Dutch cycling fans to complete the AR experience and acquire valuable lifesaving skills.

Lennart Kessels, General Manager for the Netherlands at Kindred Group, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the alignment of the campaign with Unibet’s commitment to sports and social engagement. Similarly, Dennis Marien, General Manager for Belgium at Kindred Group, highlighted the importance of promoting life-saving techniques within the cycling community and underscored Kindred’s dedication to responsible gaming. 

Providing insight into the motivations behind the campaign, Bas Tietema, co-owner of Tour de Tietema, shared his personal perspective. Tietema highlighted the importance of addressing health issues within the cycling community and expressed a keen interest in utilizing the team’s platform to raise awareness and advocate for life-saving skills among its members.

In conclusion, the “Follow Your Heart” campaign represents a pivotal moment in the intersection of sports, health, and technology. By leveraging innovative tools and strategic partnerships, Kindred’s Unibet brand and Tour de Tietema are spearheading efforts to promote heart health awareness and empower individuals with life-saving skills. Together, they are championing a culture of safety and responsibility within the cycling community.

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