Kindred Group remains steadfast in its commitment to responsible gambling practices. In its latest update on the “Journey Towards Zero” initiative, the company reveals significant progress in its efforts to minimize the funds derived from problem players. With a focus on transparency and sustainable business practices, Kindred continues to lead the charge in transforming the gambling landscape for the better.

The data released by Kindred Group highlights a positive trend, with only 3.1% of its revenue in Q4 2023 stemming from harmful gambling activities. This marks a notable improvement from the previous quarter, where the company reported 3.3% of revenue from similar sources. The consistent decline underscores Kindred’s proactive approach to addressing the issue and underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering a safer gambling environment.

A key metric in evaluating the efficacy of Kindred’s interventions is the observed improvement in healthier gambling behavior. In Q4 2023, this figure stood at 87.4%, reflecting a notable increase from 86.4% in the preceding quarter. This positive trajectory signifies the tangible impact of Kindred’s initiatives and underscores the company’s dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices among its customers.

Despite fluctuations in revenue share from harmful gambling between 3.1% and 3.3% throughout 2023, Kindred remains resolute in its mission to drive this figure down to zero. The company’s unwavering determination to prioritize the well-being of its customers is evident in its continued efforts to refine its business practices and implement effective measures to mitigate the harm associated with gambling.

At the core of Kindred’s approach lies the “Journey Towards Zero” initiative, which seeks to redefine the gambling industry and position Kindred as a trusted provider of entertainment. Through increased transparency and advocacy for evidence-based discussions on problem gambling, Kindred aims to set a new standard for responsible gaming practices within the industry.

Alexander Westrell, Director of Communications at Kindred Group, emphasizes the company’s long-term perspective in addressing the issue of harmful gambling. He acknowledges the steady decline in revenue from problem gambling since 2020 and underscores the significance of transparent reporting and consistent efforts to drive positive change. This commitment to progress is deeply ingrained in Kindred’s organizational culture and serves as a guiding principle in its operations.

Kindred Group has been proactive in communicating its efforts and progress in responsible gambling since 2021. The company remains committed to providing regular updates on the effectiveness of its interventions and welcomes collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders to further advance its mission.

In addition to its focus on responsible gambling, Kindred Group recently announced a strategic partnership with Optimove for CRM marketing solutions. Under this agreement, Optimove will support Kindred’s flagship Unibet brand with cutting-edge tools and strategies to enhance customer engagement and drive growth.

Kindred Group’s unwavering commitment to responsible gambling sets a benchmark for the industry. Through its “Journey Towards Zero” initiative and strategic partnerships, the company continues to lead the way in promoting safer gambling practices and fostering a sustainable gaming environment for all.

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