Jade Entertainment & Gaming Technologies, a leading provider of gaming solutions, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Ace Ascot Virtual Racing, a prominent system provider specializing in horseracing technologies.

Horseracing holds a significant position as part of Jade’s comprehensive sports betting platform. This collaboration aims to extend the reach of Ace Ascot’s cutting-edge horseracing products to a broader audience. The partnership intends to offer a seamless and immersive platform that combines the latest in graphics, real-time calculations, and user-friendly interfaces to provide an unparalleled horse racing environment, leveraging Jade’s extensive network.

The collaboration between Jade and Ace Ascot will not only bring premium horseracing machines to the forefront but also introduce a series of innovative virtual racing products and experiences tailored for diverse audiences.

Joe Pisano, CEO of Jade Entertainment & Gaming Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to announce that we are joining forces with Ace Ascot Virtual Racing. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to pushing for more quality products for more customers. By combining our strengths with Ace Ascot’s expertise, we aim to create a virtual racing experience that is second to none.”

Youn Youngil, President of Ace Ascot, shared the excitement, commenting, “Teaming up with Jade Entertainment & Gaming Technologies is a momentous step forward for us. Their reputation for delivering top-tier gaming solutions aligns seamlessly with our vision of providing the most realistic and thrilling virtual racing experiences. Together, we are set to captivate audiences and elevate the standards of horse racing.”

This partnership announcement comes at a time when the gaming industry is witnessing a surge in demand for innovative and engaging virtual experiences. Jade and Ace Ascot’s collaboration is poised to contribute to this trend by delivering a cutting-edge virtual racing platform that promises to redefine the horseracing experience.

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