The National Lottery of Malta is revolutionizing its operations with the integration of Novovision, a cutting-edge cashless solution provided by Novomatic.

The National Lottery of Malta: Novovision Cashless Solution by Novomatic

Advancing Technology in the Heart of Malta’s Lottery System

As the exclusive concessionaire overseeing the national lottery in the Republic of Malta, the National Lottery operates an extensive retail network comprising 240 licensed lottery shops. Now, with the introduction of 56 Novovision cash terminals, the lottery is poised to redefine the customer experience by embracing cashless processes and offering convenient payout options for winning tickets.

The Novovision Advantage: A Game-Changer for the National Lottery

Novovision represents a paradigm shift in lottery technology, offering a comprehensive suite of modular functionalities designed to streamline business operations and enhance user convenience. One of its standout features is the integration of a single wallet solution for slots play and sports betting, bolstered by state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint recognition for seamless authentication.

Franco de Gabriele, Chief Commercial Officer of the National Lottery, expressed enthusiasm about the adoption of Novovision, stating, “The implementation of the Novovision product across our retail network signifies a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation. Our aim has always been to deliver a tailored solution for our retail customers, and Novovision has proven to be the perfect fit for our needs.”

He continued, “The flexibility and customization options offered by Novovision have allowed us to enhance our operational efficiency and reinforce safety measures across our retail network. The positive feedback from our customers underscores the success of this project and validates our commitment to embracing technology for the benefit of our patrons.”

Novomatic Biometric Solutions: Revolutionizing Payment Processes

Werner Kearns, Sales Manager at Novomatic Biometric Solutions, elaborated on the unique advantages of Novovision, stating, “Our solution for the National Lottery of Malta exemplifies the unparalleled level of customization that Novovision offers. By seamlessly integrating slots, lotteries, and sports betting payments through a single cash terminal, coupled with the convenience of a unified wallet solution, Novovision is redefining the landscape of lottery technology.”

He added, “The seamless integration of Novovision with the National Lottery’s existing infrastructure underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We are confident that Novovision will continue to drive efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction for the National Lottery of Malta and set new benchmarks for excellence in the lottery industry.”

In conclusion, the implementation of Novovision represents a transformative step forward for the National Lottery of Malta, signaling a commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and enhancing the overall customer experience. With its innovative features and customizable functionalities, Novovision is poised to revolutionize the lottery landscape in Malta and beyond.

FAQs About Novovision Cashless Solution

1. What is Novovision and how does it benefit the National Lottery of Malta?

Novovision is a cashless solution provided by Novomatic, aimed at revolutionizing lottery operations. It offers a range of modular functionalities, including a single wallet solution and biometric fingerprint recognition, enhancing business operations and user convenience for the National Lottery of Malta.

2. How many Novovision cash terminals have been deployed by the National Lottery of Malta?

The National Lottery of Malta has deployed 56 Novovision cash terminals across its retail network, allowing customers to experience cashless processes and access convenient payout options for winning tickets.

3. What features make Novovision stand out in the lottery technology landscape?

Novovision stands out for its integration of a single wallet solution for slots play and sports betting, supported by biometric fingerprint recognition for authentication. This innovative approach streamlines payment processes and enhances security for both the National Lottery of Malta and its customers.

4. How does the National Lottery of Malta plan to leverage Novovision to enhance customer experience?

By implementing Novovision, the National Lottery of Malta aims to deliver a customized solution for its retail customers, offering a seamless and efficient payment experience across its diversified product portfolio. The adoption of Novovision underscores the lottery’s commitment to embracing technology and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

5. What role does Novomatic Biometric Solutions play in the implementation of Novovision at the National Lottery of Malta?

Novomatic Biometric Solutions provides the cutting-edge technology behind Novovision, offering a high degree of customization to meet the specific needs of the National Lottery of Malta. With Novovision, Novomatic Biometric Solutions aims to revolutionize payment processes and set new standards of excellence in the lottery industry.

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