International Game Technology (IGT) has announced the extension of its contract with The National Lottery, solidifying its role as the supplier of the lottery system as the Fourth Licence comes into effect next month.

The decision to continue its partnership was made before the impending acquisition by Allwyn, scheduled to commence on February 1, 2024, coinciding with the activation of the Fourth National Lottery Licence. This historic transition marks the first time the UK National Lottery has shifted from one operator to another.

Allwyn secured the position as the Preferred Applicant in March 2022, leading to Camelot missing out on the contract for the first time since the inception of The National Lottery. In preparation for the handover to Allwyn, the Gambling Commission has published comprehensive details of the Fourth Licence and all accompanying documentation.

Despite legal disputes between IGT and Allwyn since the announcement of Allwyn as the Preferred Applicant in 2022, IGT has extended its contract with The National Lottery to supply the core lottery system. Jay Gendron, IGT COO Global Lottery, expressed satisfaction, remarking, “We are pleased to continue to support the operation of The National Lottery, working alongside a range of other suppliers and Allwyn.”

As a comprehensive lottery system provider, IGT caters to all devices, venues, and touchpoints, encompassing retail systems, instant tickets, iLottery turnkey products, and its integrated omnichannel lottery solution, Omnia.

However, the relationship between IGT and Allwyn has not been better without challenges. Legal issues arose in 2022 following Allwyn’s announcement as the Preferred Applicant. Camelot responded with a legal challenge that reached the High Courts and IGT pursued claims against the Gambling Commission for lost damages. Subsequently, Allwyn acquired Camelot, and IGT discontinued its appeal.

With the extension of the contract, IGT remains a key player in shaping the future landscape of The National Lottery as it undergoes a significant transition under Allwyn’s stewardship.

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