In a bold and impactful move, Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming have unveiled a series of comprehensive programs aimed at combating human trafficking. The joint initiatives encompass a range of support tools, youth education programs, enhanced staff training, and collaboration with community partners, reflecting the brands’ commitment to raising awareness and actively preventing trafficking.

A groundbreaking step in the fight against human trafficking is the implementation of the Twentyfour-Seven QR code sticker. Developed by survivors at Twentyfour-Seven, this QR code provides critical information and support to victims while serving as a deterrent to traffickers. Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming have become the first hospitality brands globally to implement this innovative tool, with the QR code already in use across 44 hotels and casinos in 13 countries. Notably, it has played a crucial role in multiple law enforcement investigations.

Expanding on their commitment, the brands have amplified their youth education program, introducing the Hard Rock Social Identity Quest (SIQ) in Mexico to address online luring risks. In the United States, the SIQ program has gained significant traction, with adoption by 60,000 teachers and reaching 1.2 million high school students.

Within the gaming realm, Hard Rock has launched the “Change for Change” program. Throughout January, casino guests are invited to donate spare change from redeemed gaming vouchers, with the funds raised directed towards combating human trafficking. The proceeds will benefit community partners PACT and Twentyfour-Seven.

Collaborating with the American Gaming Association (AGA), Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming have taken proactive steps to enhance training procedures within the gaming industry. Through these efforts, the AGA’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force has developed a free, industry-specific training program. This training incorporates trauma-informed care and insights from survivors, contributing to a more informed and vigilant gaming community.

Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock International and CEO of Seminole Gaming, expressed the brands’ unwavering commitment, stating, “We are deeply committed to the work our community partners provide for those at risk, victims and survivors of human trafficking in the United States and around the world, as we work together to combat human trafficking.”

The joint efforts by Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming signify a substantial contribution to the global fight against human trafficking, reflecting the brands’ dedication to making a meaningful impact on this critical issue.

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