Grand Casino Hotel Resort has signed a transformative agreement with Agilysys, a move set to revolutionize the land-based casino’s operations by harnessing innovative technology solutions geared towards optimizing hospitality metrics and elevating customer experiences.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the concept of Return on Experience (ROE), placing paramount importance on both staff and guest satisfaction within the property’s environment.

Among the cloud-native solutions provided by Agilysys is a groundbreaking feature that empowers guests to personalize their dining experiences by selecting their preferred seats at restaurants during reservation processes. Justin Dunsworth, Chief Technology Officer at Grand Casino Hotel Resort, lauded Agilysys’s cutting-edge solutions for not only enhancing hotel operations but also streamlining casino functionalities. Dunsworth highlighted this, saying, “This interoperability allows our guests to easily use player club points or our tribe-wide gift cards as payment.”

Dunsworth added, “Since switching to Agilysys, we have successfully reduced the need to maintain our own infrastructure for these applications, making the investment highly worthwhile.”

Furthermore, another service introduced involves a contactless and mobile self-service food and beverage (F&B) ordering system adaptable across restaurants, bars, and hotel rooms. This technology empowers guests to place orders conveniently via their mobile devices, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Darren Student, Vice President of Sales at Agilysys, emphasized the pivotal role of technology, saying, “Gaming and hospitality players must set themselves apart and technology empowers them to do so. Our solutions maximize ROE by enabling staff to serve guests better through personalization and allowing guests to interact with the property however they choose, whether through their mobile devices or in person.

Student added, “The winning ticket? The right technology and an end-to-end ecosystem of state-of-the-art integrated software modules.”

Moreover, guests will benefit from access to a tailored itinerary management system, enabling them to oversee and purchase room upgrades, treatments, and other reservations, enhancing their level of engagement and customization during their stay.

The partnership between Grand Casino Hotel Resort and Agilysys underscores a strategic commitment to leveraging technology-driven solutions, elevating guest experiences, and revolutionizing the landscape of hospitality within the gaming sector.

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