Sixty-seven years following the establishment of the Gauselmann Group, Germany’s foremost gaming enterprise initiated a transformative period by redefining its identity, poised to chart a path of enduring success for generations to come. Gauselmann AG, the holding company, has undergone a rebranding to become AG. This change was officially endorsed by the commercial register, marking its commencement on January 1st.

Paul Gauselmann, the founder and chairman of the Management Board at Gauselmann, conveyed, “The corporate group is becoming increasingly digital and international. The change of name reflects this fact. Both developments will benefit from linking the appeal of our Merkur brand to the company name.” This change was first announced at the beginning of September, and it is now officially being finalised. 

The inception of the Merkur brand by Paul Gauselmann in the 1970s initiated a legacy that burgeoned over time. It commenced with the introduction of the initial proprietary amusement with prizes (AWP) machine, the Merkur B, and evolved with the establishment of the inaugural company-owned arcade, the Merkur Spielothek. Subsequently, a multitude of games, machines, and gaming systems bearing the iconic laughing sun logo were conceived, manufactured, and distributed. Paul Gauselmann elucidated, “The renaming is also a nod to the success of the Merkur brand.”

This strategic move resonates throughout the organisation’s identity. Beyond website modifications and adaptations across social media platforms, a substantial overhaul of company signage is underway. All marketing collateral, spanning from expansive banners to corporate stationery, will manifest the refreshed branding. However, amidst these alterations to the brand persona, the presence and ethos of the entrepreneurial family remain steadfast. AG remains under the ownership of the Gauselmann Family Foundation.  Paul Gauselmann reaffirmed: “Continuity and stability are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and will continue to be important factors for success going forward.

The complete spectrum of the company’s branding will undergo a transition to the Merkur identity, including websites, social media platforms, and physical signage. Within the company, various brands are already functioning under the Merkur name, such as Merkur Gaming, Merkur Slots, and Merkur XTip. Despite the company’s German roots, its operational scope extends beyond Europe. Furthermore, the day preceding Christmas, Merkur Gaming Perú marked its decade-long milestone with a commemorative ceremony hosted at the prestigious Country Club Hotel in Lima.


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