France’s National Gaming Authority (ANJ) recently conducted a thorough review of the promotional strategies planned by gambling operators in the country for the year 2024. Annually, gambling operators are required to submit their promotional strategies for ANJ approval, aligning them with state gambling policy objectives while ensuring the prevention of excessive gambling and safeguarding minors.

In this latest examination, the ANJ meticulously evaluated the strategies presented by 16 approved online operators and two operators holding exclusive rights. As a result, the authority issued precise requirements and partially rejected one operator’s strategy.

According to ANJ insights, the majority of operators intend to maintain their strategies from 2023, with a focus on player retention, particularly during significant sporting events such as the Euros and the Olympics scheduled for this year.

Highlights from the examination revealed a 14% increase in promotional investments, with 46% of media investments allocated to digital channels. Financial rewards emerged as the primary marketing element adopted by operators.

While the ANJ approved the promotional strategies, it imposed stringent conditions. Operators are mandated to significantly moderate their promotional efforts across various media platforms, exercise caution with highly incentivized promotional tools that may pose an increased risk of problem gambling, and maintain moderation in offering financial rewards to players, especially those identified as potentially susceptible to excessive or pathological gambling.

Notably, Winamax faced rejection of its promotional strategy due to concerns regarding bonuses and financial rewards. The operator is required to submit a new approval request file for commercial offers involving financial compensation by February 15, 2024.

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