Fanatics Betting and Gaming has made waves in the betting and gaming industry with the announcement of the launch of the Fanatics Sportsbook in Illinois. This groundbreaking move not only expands the company’s presence to 19 states across the US but also brings a host of exciting features to sports fans in the Prairie State. With the Fanatics Sportsbook now available for download on iOS and Android devices, bettors can expect a seamless and immersive betting experience like never before.


Fanatics Sportsbook in Illinois

Native App Experience

The Fanatics Sportsbook app is meticulously designed and natively built for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy smooth navigation and lightning-fast betting options right at their fingertips.

Generous FanCash Rewards

One of the standout features of the Fanatics Sportsbook is its unique FanCash rewards system, where customers can receive up to 5% of their wager back in FanCash. This innovative incentive adds an extra layer of excitement and value to every betting experience.

Discover Page and Search Functionality

Navigating the vast world of sports betting has never been easier, thanks to the discover page and search functionality offered by the Fanatics Sportsbook. Users can explore a wide range of betting options and quickly find their favorite teams, leagues, or specific betting markets with just a few clicks.

Seamless Transition for PointsBet Customers

In a strategic move to enhance its offerings, Fanatics recently completed the acquisition of the US businesses of PointsBet. As a result, customers of PointsBet in Illinois can seamlessly transition to the Fanatics Sportsbook platform, with their account details and settings automatically migrated for a hassle-free experience.

Upgrades to PointsBet Retail Locations

Fanatics is committed to providing top-notch betting services not only online but also at brick-and-mortar locations. Over the next few weeks, four PointsBet retail locations in Illinois will undergo exciting upgrades to enhance the overall betting experience for customers.

Enhanced Signage and Odds Screens

Retail venues such as Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero, Crazy Pour Sports Bar in Villa Park, Club Hawthorne in Crestwood, and Players Pub & Grill in Prospect Heights will see the installation of new signage and enhanced odds screens. These upgrades will provide customers with real-time betting information and create a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Introduction of Self-Service Betting Kiosks

To further streamline the betting process, Fanatics will introduce brand-new self-service betting kiosks from SuzoHapp at the upgraded retail locations. These state-of-the-art kiosks will offer customers a convenient and efficient way to place their bets, enhancing the overall retail betting experience.

Fanatics Sportsbook in Illinois

The launch of the Fanatics Sportsbook in Illinois marks a significant milestone for Fanatics Betting and Gaming, as it continues to revolutionize the sports betting industry. With innovative features, seamless transitions for PointsBet customers, and exciting upgrades to retail locations, Fanatics is set to redefine the betting experience for sports enthusiasts across the Prairie State and beyond.

FAQs About Fanatics Sportsbook in Illinois

1. What is the Fanatics Sportsbook?

The Fanatics Sportsbook is a cutting-edge betting platform launched by Fanatics Betting and Gaming, offering sports enthusiasts a wide range of betting options and exciting features.

2. How can I download the Fanatics Sportsbook app?

The Fanatics Sportsbook app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app and start betting today.

3. What are FanCash rewards?

FanCash rewards allow customers to receive up to 5% of their wager back in FanCash, which can be used for future bets or redeemed for various rewards.

4. Will my PointsBet account be affected by the acquisition?

No, customers of PointsBet in Illinois will have their account details, settings, and rewards points automatically migrated to the Fanatics Sportsbook, ensuring a seamless transition.

5. What upgrades can I expect at PointsBet retail locations?

Upgrades at PointsBet retail locations in Illinois will include new signage, enhanced odds screens, and brand-new self-service betting kiosks from SuzoHapp, providing customers with an enhanced betting experience.

6. When will the upgrades be completed at PointsBet retail locations?

The upgrades at PointsBet retail locations in Illinois will be rolled out over the next few weeks, ensuring minimal disruption to customers during the transition period.

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