E-Go App, a leading provider of fantasy solutions for League of Legends esports, has disclosed a strategic partnership with Grid to integrate the latter’s comprehensive data into its product offerings. This collaboration aims to enhance the user experience for E-Go’s rapidly growing user base.

Viktor Maisey, CEO of E-Go App, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “E-Go offers one of the most engaging fantasy solutions for League of Legends esports. It’s always free to participate and has great prices in our fantasy leagues and we’ve always valued data from official sources, to offer the best possible user experience.”

Maisey continued, “So partnering with Grid, the exclusive data partner of Riot Games and provider of LoL esports data, was a natural next step for us to continue offering the cutting-edge fantasy experience to our users. Alongside our fantasy solution, our end users also enjoy watching the games live, deep diving into stats and keeping track of their esports of preference. We’re looking forward to getting on the Grid.”

Grid data will now power E-Go App’s entire League of Legends esports product lineup, starting with their first Fantasy Season in League of Legends. The LEC Winter Split, which begins on January 13th, marks the start of this collaboration, with a minimum $500 total prize pool.

Klas Rosenqvist, Senior Sales Manager at Grid, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with the visionary team at E-Go. Their commitment to delivering top-tier fantasy entertainment aligns perfectly with our shared vision for the future of esports. Powered by official League of Legends data from Grid, we are excited to follow E-Go’s growth journey in the years to come.”

The partnership between E-Go App and Grid is poised to elevate the League of Legends esports fantasy experience, offering users an immersive and data-driven platform for participating in fantasy leagues and engaging with the esports community. As the collaboration unfolds, both companies are optimistic about shaping the future landscape of esports entertainment.

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