Denmark has observed a notable decline in retail betting following the implementation of new ID regulations, signaling potential shifts in gambling behaviors over the past few months of 2023.

With the introduction of mandatory Player ID requirements for betting at kiosks or betting shops on October 1, 2023, Denmark aimed to heighten player safeguards and enhance measures against underage gambling, money laundering, and unethical conduct.

Under this regulation, players were mandated to obtain a Player ID card from their respective betting operators, linking it to their brand-associated accounts. Notably, the ID cards also prevented individuals enlisted in the self-exclusion registry from engaging in retail gambling.

Statistics provided by Spillemyndigheden showcased a remarkable shift in betting activity post-October 2023. While betting patterns across various platforms remained stable throughout 2022 and the early part of 2023, the alterations brought a notable change.

Before the regulatory changes, mobile betting accounted for roughly 60% of betting activity, complemented by computer-based online casinos at 23% and land-based casinos at 17%. However, following the October 2023 adjustments, land-based betting activity dramatically decreased to 8% in consecutive months.

The impact extended to the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), which witnessed a 17% decline in comparison to the previous year, reaching €24 million ($26.2 million) in October. In contrast, November marked an 8% surge in GGR for online casinos, soaring to €251 million.

Addressing these shifts, Spillemyndigheden commented, “In the first two months after the introduction of the Player ID, the spending on the land-based betting market was lower compared to before the introduction of the Player ID. However, it is too early to conclude whether the decrease is due to the Player ID.”

Denmark’s introduction of mandatory ID laws for retail betting appears to have led to a decline in land-based gambling activity and revenue. However, it’s too early to conclusively attribute these changes solely to the Player ID regulations. Further observation and analysis are needed to fully understand their impact on the country’s gambling behavior.

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