Crown Resorts issued an official statement revealing that unauthorized online gambling platforms were exploiting Crown’s intellectual property to deceive consumers. The Australian casino operator warned the public to remain vigilant against fraudulent social media accounts and advertisements misusing Crown’s identity. Crown reiterated its stance that online gambling in Australia is strictly prohibited and clarified that it does not offer any form of iGaming. This situation poses additional challenges to the Crown’s reputation as it grapples with ongoing reforms.

The company urged individuals to report any websites or social media content that misuse its name, logo, or imagery. Crown emphasized that its operations are limited to physical venues and does not involve online gambling activities. Despite government efforts to crack down on illegal online operators, enforcement remains challenging, leaving individuals susceptible to gambling-related harm.

Crown Resorts collaborates with social media and technology firms to prioritize the removal of fraudulent content. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) leads efforts to identify and address illegal online operators, although challenges persist due to operators’ ability to circumvent restrictions.

Crown’s cautionary message coincides with its efforts to reform operations across its integrated resorts in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The company is actively seeking to regain its casino licenses following inquiries in these states, with regulators acknowledging progress. However, recent integrity concerns, including allegations against the CEO regarding reinstating banned patrons, pose additional obstacles to Crown’s compliance efforts.

Despite ongoing challenges, Crown Melbourne has implemented measures such as mandatory time and loss limits for patrons using electronic gaming machines, aligning with recommendations from the Finkelstein Royal Commission. Crown remains committed to safer gambling initiatives and aims to restore its reputation despite setbacks and illegal online activity misusing its brand.

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