CogniPlay has unveiled a groundbreaking new software product, meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled online sweepstakes and social gaming experiences to its clients. This innovative system stands out due to its modular architecture, enabling extensive customization to meet diverse client needs. The launch, following the success of similar platforms in the US, positions CogniPlay as a formidable contender in a market lacking a clear leader.


The Flexibility of Modular Design

The newly launched CogniPlay platform is defined by its modular design, a feature that allows clients to tailor the system precisely to their requirements. In a recent issue of Gambling Insider magazine, EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes discussed the benefits of modular products, emphasizing their adaptability and scalability. Such flexibility ensures that clients can craft a unique gaming experience, without being constrained by a one-size-fits-all solution.

Diverse Gaming Content and Comprehensive Features

CogniPlay’s system offers a wide array of games from top-tier suppliers including Pragmatic Play, Mascot Gaming, and BetSoft. This diverse content portfolio ensures that players have access to a variety of high-quality games, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Beyond gaming content, the platform incorporates several critical modules, including:

Affiliate Programme Software: Facilitates the creation and management of affiliate programs, driving traffic and increasing player acquisition.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and ID Verification: Ensures compliance with regulatory standards and enhances security by verifying player identities.

Gamification Tools: Boosts player engagement through dynamic, interactive features.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms: Provides robust tools for managing player relationships and improving customer service.

Additional modules are planned for future release, offering even greater customization options as the product evolves.

CEO Allan Turner’s Vision

Speaking on the launch, CogniPlay CEO Allan Turner expressed his enthusiasm for bringing the new product to market. Turner stated, “We are very proud to take the CogniPlay product to market. We want to provide the most flexible platform in the space, to enable our clients to create the product they want to have, not for us to dictate the product to them.” This commitment to flexibility and client empowerment underscores CogniPlay’s customer-centric approach.

Turner also highlighted the importance of futureproofing the platform and integrating responsible gaming practices. Modules such as KYC and geolocation technology are pivotal in ensuring the platform remains compliant with evolving regulatory standards and promotes responsible gaming.

The Rise of Social Gaming and Sweepstakes

The launch of CogniPlay’s platform comes at a time of increasing interest in social gaming and sweepstakes. In July, was announced as the official social casino of the UFC, marking a significant milestone in the sector. Additionally, 10 Ten Gaming recently began preparations for a US-based sweepstakes casino launch, further indicating the growing popularity of this gaming format.

CogniPlay’s entry into this dynamic market with a robust, customizable platform positions it well to capitalize on these trends. The platform’s comprehensive feature set and modular design offer clients a competitive edge, enabling them to deliver engaging and secure gaming experiences.

Innovative Solutions for a Competitive Market

CogniPlay’s new platform is set to revolutionize the online sweepstakes and social gaming landscape. By offering a flexible, modular system, it addresses the specific needs of a diverse client base. The inclusion of top-tier gaming content, along with essential features like affiliate program management, KYC, gamification, and CRM tools, ensures that the platform is not only comprehensive but also adaptable.

As the market for social gaming and sweepstakes continues to expand, CogniPlay’s innovative approach and commitment to client empowerment will likely set it apart from competitors. The focus on futureproofing and responsible gaming practices further strengthens its position, making it a reliable and forward-thinking choice for clients looking to enhance their gaming offerings.

Conclusion: The Modular Sweeptakes and Social Gaming Platform

The launch of CogniPlay’s modular sweepstakes and social gaming platform marks a significant advancement in the industry. Its flexibility, comprehensive features, and commitment to responsible gaming make it a standout choice for clients seeking to deliver exceptional online gaming experiences.

FAQs About CogniPlay’s Modular Sweepstakes and Social Gaming Platform

1. What is CogniPlay’s new software product?

CogniPlay has launched a cutting-edge software product designed to provide online sweepstakes and social gaming platforms to its clients.

2. What makes CogniPlay’s platform unique?

CogniPlay’s platform stands out due to its modular architecture, allowing extensive customization to meet diverse client needs.

3. What gaming content does CogniPlay offer?

CogniPlay’s platform offers games from top-tier suppliers such as Pragmatic Play, Mascot Gaming, and BetSoft, ensuring a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

4. What modules are included in CogniPlay’s platform?

CogniPlay’s platform includes modules for affiliate program software, know your customer (KYC) and ID verification, gamification tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, among others.

5. Are there plans for additional modules in the future?

Yes, CogniPlay plans to release additional modules in the future, providing clients with even more customization options as the product evolves.

6. What is CEO Allan Turner’s vision for the platform?

CEO Allan Turner aims to provide the most flexible platform in the space, empowering clients to create the product they want without dictating it to them.

7. How does CogniPlay address responsible gaming practices?

CogniPlay integrates modules such as KYC and geolocation technology to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and promote responsible gaming.

8. What market trends does CogniPlay’s platform capitalize on?

CogniPlay’s platform capitalizes on the rising popularity of social gaming and sweepstakes, offering clients innovative solutions to meet market demand.

9. How does CogniPlay’s platform compare to competitors?

CogniPlay’s platform sets itself apart with its modular design, comprehensive features, and commitment to client empowerment and responsible gaming.

10. What benefits does CogniPlay’s platform offer clients?

CogniPlay’s platform offers clients the flexibility to customize their gaming experience, access to top-tier gaming content, and essential tools for managing their gaming operations effectively.

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