Virgin Bet, a prominent name in the gambling industry, has recently unveiled its inaugural Women’s Day event, marking a significant milestone in the realm of horse racing. Scheduled to coincide with the Virgin Bet Raceday on March 9 at Ayr Racecourse, this event aims to honor and appreciate the invaluable contributions of women in racing while fostering an inclusive environment for all enthusiasts.

As part of its commitment to promoting inclusivity, Virgin Bet has designed a series of exclusive experiences tailored specifically for female visitors attending the Women’s Day event. One notable highlight is the opportunity for women to participate in selecting the Best Turned Out Award before each race and present the trophies to the eventual victors, thereby empowering them and recognizing their involvement in the sport.

In a strategic move to enhance safety and support for women at the event, Virgin Bet has teamed up with WalkSafe, an innovative app designed to provide assistance to women walking alone. This collaboration underscores the operator’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of all attendees and fostering a secure environment conducive to enjoyment and participation.

Furthermore, Virgin Bet has pledged to make a generous donation to Ayr Racecourse’s charity partner, Ayrshire Cancer Support, further amplifying the positive impact of the Women’s Day event beyond the realm of horse racing.

Renowned presenter Natalie Pike has been enlisted to host the Women’s Day events, adding a touch of prestige and expertise to the occasion. Pike expressed her excitement about being involved in this initiative and emphasized her desire to inspire the next generation of women working in horse racing, thereby nurturing a culture of empowerment and inclusivity within the industry.

Virgin Bet’s marketing director, Ric Leask, reiterated the company’s commitment to providing exposure and support to the many women in the horse racing industry who often go unrecognized and unappreciated. Through initiatives like the Women’s Day event, Virgin Bet aims to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and contributions of women in sports, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Leask emphasized Virgin Bet’s overarching brand campaign, “A Good Bet,” which aims to make sport more accessible and to celebrate excellence regardless of gender or background. By championing inclusivity and highlighting brilliance, Virgin Bet seeks to set a new standard for diversity and empowerment in the world of sports.

Virgin Bet’s inaugural Women’s Day event represents a significant step forward in championing inclusivity, empowerment, and recognition within the horse racing community. Through a carefully curated program of exclusive experiences, strategic partnerships, and inspirational leadership, Virgin Bet is poised to elevate the status of women in racing and set a new standard for diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

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