In celebration of International Women’s Month, Hard Rock International has unveiled its “We Are” initiative, a global campaign dedicated to championing women’s health and empowerment. This groundbreaking initiative reflects the brand’s commitment to fostering a world where women’s voices are not just heard but celebrated.

Hard Rock International has joined forces with renowned director, actress, and activist Eva Longoria to spearhead this initiative. Longoria’s dedication to women’s rights and empowerment makes her an ideal partner for this campaign. Through her involvement, Hard Rock aims to inspire women worldwide to share their stories and engage in critical conversations about issues affecting them.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Hard Rock, Longoria expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled to partner with Hard Rock and help spotlight all the incredible work the ‘We Are’ initiative is doing, particularly in supporting women’s health, rights, and societal issues. Whether it’s International Women’s Month or any day of the year, I believe that by helping women, we build strong families, which results in creating powerful communities.”

Elena Alvarez, SVP of Marketing and Partnerships at Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International, emphasized the importance of partnering with Eva Longoria, a prominent advocate for women’s rights. Alvarez noted, “We’re excited to work with Eva Longoria, a strong women’s activist, artist, and business owner. With her help, we’ll bring our ‘We Are’ initiative to life in innovative ways at Hard Rock properties around the world, providing guests with ways to celebrate women and raise funds for important women’s organizations.”

As part of the “We Are” campaign, Hard Rock will showcase nearly 1,000 performances by female musicians at its Cafe, Hotel, and Casino locations throughout March. This initiative not only celebrates the talent and creativity of women in the music industry but also serves as a platform for amplifying their voices.

In addition to highlighting female talent, Hard Rock’s “We Are” campaign includes the release of a limited-edition t-shirt and exclusive food and beverage menu items. Proceeds from these offerings will benefit two organizations dedicated to supporting women and women’s health: the Global Gift Foundation and Magee-Womens Research Institute.

By partnering with these organizations, Hard Rock demonstrates its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of women globally. The funds raised will support critical research, advocacy, and programs aimed at empowering women and improving their access to healthcare.

Hard Rock International’s “We Are” initiative represents a significant step forward in the ongoing fight for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Through partnerships with influential figures like Eva Longoria and impactful organizations like the Global Gift Foundation and Magee-Womens Research Institute, Hard Rock is not only celebrating International Women’s Month but also making a lasting impact on women’s lives worldwide.

As society continues to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women, it’s crucial to acknowledge the significance of supporting initiatives like “We Are” that aim to uplift and empower women in all aspects of life.

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