Buzz Bingo has deepened its collaboration with Future Anthem, unveiling a cutting-edge real-time personalization feature across its operations. This transformative implementation is fueled by Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI. 

Buzz Bingo’s extended partnership with Future Anthem introduces a paradigm shift in player interaction through real-time personalization. The cornerstone of this innovation is Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI, a powerful tool designed to elevate the player experience by infusing it with automation and boosting customer engagement.

A standout feature resulting from this collaboration is the introduction of an advanced game lobby recommendation system. This system pioneers personalized content suggestions for each player, leveraging a 1-to-1 understanding of player preferences. Notably, it can discern nuances across various stages of the player’s lifecycle, ensuring tailored recommendations. 

The AI models, driven by Amplifier AI, gain profound insights into player preferences by meticulously analyzing game sessions. This deep dive allows the system to understand player choices during critical moments, creating a personalized gaming experience. The implementation of Amplifier AI has showcased promising outcomes. Buzz Bingo reports enhanced session engagement and increased operator revenue and conversion rates for both new and returning players. The real-time personalization feature proves to be a game-changer in the competitive landscape. 

Looking ahead, Buzz Bingo plans to leverage Future Anthem’s real-time decision models to accurately predict player exits. This forward-thinking approach empowers the platform to trigger bonuses and recommend timely interactions in real time. To ensure responsible gaming, Future Anthem collaborates with Buzz Bingo’s player monitoring initiatives. The partnership aims to identify at-risk customers promptly and restrict them from receiving certain bonuses, prioritizing player safety.

David Swaine, Head of Product, Slots & Games at Buzz Bingo, emphasizes the revolutionary impact of real-time personalization. He said, “Real-time personalisation is a game-changing innovation that will materially improve the way we interact with our players and help improve retention. We are thrilled to be working alongside Future Anthem – true leaders in the field when it comes to leveraging data using technology and AI.”

Chris Conroy, Chief Data Officer of Future Anthem, stresses the importance of operators embracing AI for success in a hyper-competitive market. He noted: “Integrating Amplifier AI into Buzz Bingo’s day-to-day operations not only emphasises the importance of real-time personalisation but shows that if operators are to succeed and grow in a hyper-competitive market, they must embrace AI and its ever-growing capabilities.”

The partnership between Buzz Bingo and Future Anthem, fueled by Amplifier AI, marks a significant leap in the gaming industry. Real-time personalization not only enhances player engagement but also sets new standards for responsible gaming practices.

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