High-stakes poker involves playing for very large sums of money, attracting wealthy players willing to risk millions for substantial rewards.

High-Stakes Poker Game

George Cottrell, an aristocrat and former top advisor to Nigel Farage, is making headlines once again, this time for his extraordinary performance in a high-stakes poker game. Known for his previous roles at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, and his significant political involvement, Cottrell’s latest escapade at the poker table has drawn considerable attention.

A Staggering Loss at Maestral Casino

Recently, Cottrell participated in a high-stakes poker game and suffered a massive loss of £16 million ($20 million), as reported by the Daily Mail. The event took place at the luxurious Maestral Casino in Budva, Montenegro, a setting reminiscent of the high-stakes game depicted in the blockbuster action movie, Casino Royale. In the film, James Bond triumphs at the poker table; however, Cottrell’s experience was quite the opposite.

The Night of High-Stakes Poker

The high-stakes game, which began on Thursday night, saw Cottrell playing until the early hours of the morning, despite his significant losses. Demonstrating remarkable composure, he reportedly continued playing until around 7 AM. Social media posts from Cottrell indicated the intensity of the game, with him noting that just to see the first three community cards, or the “flop,” he had to wager nearly £160,000 ($203,400).

It is believed that Cottrell faced off against wealthy opponents, including billionaires from China, during this private game. Despite the financial hit, his participation underscores his passion for poker and willingness to engage in games with substantial stakes.

Triton Poker Series and Private Games

The Maestral Casino is currently hosting the Triton Poker Series, a popular high-stakes poker tournament. However, it appears that Cottrell’s £16 million loss occurred in a private game rather than as part of the official tournament. The Triton Poker Series attracts top poker players from around the world, and the presence of such private games highlights the casino’s reputation as a hub for elite poker action.

A Controversial Past

Cottrell, now 30, transitioned to politics after a successful career in the financial sector, where he served as a chief of staff for Nigel Farage and played a significant role during the Brexit campaign. However, his career has not been without controversy.

In the United States, Cottrell faced serious legal issues after being caught offering money laundering services to federal agents. This led to his arrest and the filing of 21 charges against him, carrying a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Ultimately, these charges were reduced to one count of wire fraud, to which Cottrell pleaded guilty. He served eight months in jail as a result.


George Cottrell’s recent high-stakes poker game at the Maestral Casino has once again put him in the spotlight, showcasing his love for the game despite the substantial financial risks involved. His ability to maintain composure in the face of significant losses reflects his seasoned experience in high-pressure environments, both in finance and politics.

While his past legal troubles have marred his career, Cottrell continues to make waves, whether at the poker table or in the political arena. His recent poker loss, though staggering, is just another chapter in the eventful life of this aristocrat and former political advisor.

FAQs: George Cottrell’s High-Stakes Poker Game and Background

1. Who is George Cottrell? 

George Cottrell is an aristocrat and former top advisor to Nigel Farage. He has also worked in the financial sector at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.

2. What recent event involving George Cottrell has made headlines? 

George Cottrell recently participated in a high-stakes poker game at Maestral Casino in Budva, Montenegro, where he lost £16 million ($20 million).

3. How did Cottrell’s poker game compare to the one depicted in Casino Royale? 

Similar to the high-stakes poker game in Casino Royale, Cottrell’s game took place in a luxurious setting at Maestral Casino. However, unlike James Bond, who won in the movie, Cottrell experienced significant losses.

4. What was George Cottrell’s reaction to losing £16 million?  

Despite the substantial loss, Cottrell reportedly remained composed and continued playing until about 7 AM, indicating his passion for the game and ability to handle high-pressure situations.

5. Who were some of the opponents Cottrell faced in the poker game? 

It is believed that Cottrell faced billionaires from China during the high-stakes poker game.

6. Was Cottrell’s game part of the Triton Poker Series? 

No, Cottrell’s game was a private high-stakes game, separate from the Triton Poker Series tournament currently being held at Maestral Casino.

7. What previous roles has George Cottrell held? 

Cottrell has worked at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan in the financial sector. He also served as chief of staff for Nigel Farage and played a significant role during the Brexit campaign.

8. Has George Cottrell faced any legal issues?  

Yes, Cottrell faced legal issues in the United States for offering money laundering services to federal agents, which led to his arrest and the filing of 21 charges. He ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and served eight months in jail.

9. How did the poker community and media react to Cottrell’s loss? 

Cottrell’s loss drew considerable attention due to the high stakes involved and his composure during the game, highlighting the intense and risky nature of high-stakes poker.

10. What does this event reveal about Cottrell’s personality and interests? 

This event underscores Cottrell’s passion for poker and his willingness to engage in high-risk, high-reward scenarios. It also reflects his ability to handle high-pressure situations, a trait likely honed from his career in finance and politics.

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