Ali Baba

The JILI slot's Ali Baba slot machine offers an exhilarating gaming experience.



Ali Baba slot boasts 32,400 paylines and Megaways, with captivating Arabian-themed graphics. Players choose outcomes to determine the treasure chest symbol's free game multiplier, up to X4!

Introduction to the Ali Baba

Ali Baba machine is an exciting game with 32,400 paylines and Megaways. It showcases impressive graphics that elevate the lively Arabian theme, featuring symbols like thieves, rings, blades, golden coins, dais, princess, and numeric characters. The tale of Alibaba is a folklore narrative featured in the collection “One Thousand and One Nights,” making it one of the well-known “Arabian Nights” stories, retold globally. The story revolves around Ali Baba, a destitute woodcutter who stumbles upon a thieves’ den magically accessible by uttering “Open Sesame.” When the thieves discover Ali Baba’s knowledge, they try to kill him, but his faithful slave-girl intervenes, thwarting their plans and saving him. Ali Baba keeps the den’s treasure secret, and his son eventually marries the slave girl. The game portrays key characters like Ali Baba, the girl, and one of the thieves in an Arabian town at night, with gold and jewels shimmering in the foreground. Various Arabian-themed symbols contribute to the overall theme.

Playing the Alibaba Slot

  • Bet line wins are awarded for consecutive alignments from the leftmost to the rightmost reel, following the paytable.
  • The maximum number of paylines is 32,400 megaways.
  • Each payline considers only the highest payout.
  • Winnings are calculated as the bet multiplied by the respective payout.
  • If any malfunction occurs, leading to an undetermined game outcome, the game round will be deemed invalid.

Symbols Enhancing Multipliers in Treasure Chests

Within the game, only a single X1 multiplier is initially visible. Prior to securing a prize, gather and amass multipliers from one or more treasure chest symbols on the game board. Multiply these accumulated multipliers by the winning score of the respective elimination, continuing until further eliminations are no longer feasible.

In the free game, the multiplier, ranging from X1 to X4, will be randomly determined by the spinning reel. Throughout the free game duration, regardless of eliminations, the multipliers from one or more treasure chest symbols can be collected and stored until the conclusion of the free game.

Upon the board’s reset or elimination, the treasure chest multiplier symbol, along with the skyfall, will be cleared from the scene.

Engage in the Free Game by Placing a Wager and Spinning the Wheel.

Prior to initiating the free game, the reels randomly decide the multiplier for the treasure chest! The outcome of this selection dictates the multiplier for the treasure chest symbol during the free game, potentially reaching as high as X4! Furthermore, the chosen multiplier serves as the initial cumulative multiplier for the entirety of the free game!

Extended Wild, Standard Wild

  • A stretched wild comprises four regular wild cards and exclusively emerges solely on the uppermost reel row.
  • Every wild symbol in the game has the ability to substitute for any symbol, with the exception of the Scatter.

Scatter Symbol in Ali Baba

  • During the regular game mode, achieving 4 Scatter Cards enables entry into the free game round, granting 10 games. Additionally, each extra Scatter obtained provides an extra 2 games.
  • In the free game, amassing 4 Scatter symbols extends the free game for another 10 rounds, and each extra Scatter acquired brings an added 2 rounds to the gameplay.

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