Betsson, a leading platform in the iGaming sector, introduces Okto.Cash integration, empowering users in Greece to conveniently deposit funds into their accounts via a vast network of over 13,000 points of sale spread across the country.

This collaboration marks a significant stride in enhancing the payment system on Betsson’s platform, specifically tailored to meet the preferences of Greek users, offering a seamless cash-to-digital payment solution aimed at facilitating offline transactions for online gaming.

Andreas Nikolopoulos, Betsson Group’s Head of Marketing in Greece, highlighted the strategic intent behind incorporating Okto.Cash into their platform, stating, “Okto delivers tailored payment methods that meet the unique needs of each market. The e-cash payment solution presented by Okto promises Betsson customers in Greece a convenient and user-friendly top-up experience.”

Nikolopoulos continued: “Trust and integrity stand at the forefront of the relationship with Okto. For Greece, the collaboration with Okto originated from a shared commitment to providing an ideal solution for users who prefer offline transactions with cash while enjoying online experiences.”

Galina Bineva, Okto’s Commercial Director, echoed the sentiment of partnership alignment, remarking, “We are thrilled with our partnership with Betsson Group and fully aligned with our partner, having a commitment to a local and personalised approach. For us here at Okto, it’s essential to highlight the importance of understanding customers’ payment preferences and providing payment methods tailored not only to regional needs but also to different audiences within the same region.”

The Okto.Cash integration into Betsson’s platform in Greece reflects the companies’ joint commitment to enhancing the user experience by offering versatile and user-centric payment solutions, affirming their dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the Greek iGaming market.

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