The Gaming Commission (GC) in Belgium has disclosed the license fees for the year 2024, establishing varying contributions based on the permit class of the licensee. These fees are allocated for the operational, personnel, and establishment costs incurred by the Commission. The details were outlined in a royal decree recently approved by the Council of Ministers following a proposal from the Minister of Justice, Paul Van Tigchelt. As of now, the decree remains unpublished, delaying the issuance of payment invitations to license holders until its official release.

License holders can anticipate receiving payment invitations after the royal decree is published. The specified contributions for the year 2024 range from €22,085 ($24,193) to €123 ($135). Notably, the highest fees are expected from Class A and G1 permit holders, while G2 permit holders will be subject to the lowest contributions. The license classes in Belgium include A, A+, B, B+, C, D, E, F1, F1+, G1, and G2.

Class A licenses pertain to land-based casinos, B to slot machines, E to manufacturers, F to betting, and G to media games. Additionally, C and D licenses correspond to cafe and staff licenses, respectively. However, D-class permits do not have a specified contribution price at this time.

In addition to overseeing license fees, the GC is actively monitoring trends in the gaming sector within Belgium. The commission regularly compiles reports on player behavior, with a notable September 2023 report revealing insights into the gambling habits of 18–30-year-olds. The survey, which included 1,000 participants, disclosed that 62% of respondents gamble once a month or less, while 13% engage in daily gambling. Interestingly, the report also highlighted that only 36% of participants could differentiate between legal and illegal gambling sites.

In related news, Pragmatic Play has launched its live casino games in Belgium this week through a strategic partnership with Gaming1, the owner of the Circus brand. This collaboration will extend the availability of Pragmatic Play’s games to Circus’ online platform in the Netherlands, marking an exciting expansion for both companies in the European gaming market.

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